How To Quickly Restore Your Hair Thickness And Volume

Thick, luscious, and voluminous hair has become a modern beauty standard. The TV commercials, online and radio ads all centering around this one topic are growing. This multi-million dollar industry is showing no signs of letting up. Even with all of this advertising, some people still have not grasped the means to achieve these results. Let’s break it down.

Hair Loss Treatments

There are many reasons someone loses their hair. It could be due to traction alopecia, burns, lacerations to the skull, and different medical conditions that impede the growth and retention of hair follicles. All of these reasons stand in the way of having the hair you dream of. But hope is not lost as Sure Hair International offers various ways to restore your locs. You can choose to undergo laser hair therapy and deep scalp nutrient infusion programs. This causes stimulation of the hair follicles, leading to better respiration. With your hair cells breathing better, hair growth will be faster and fuller. 

The NT hair replacement system is a non-surgical option that allows you to be fitted with a semi-permanent hair piece matched uniquely to your own hair characteristics to include color, density, and texture. Choose among silk, lace, and clear ply bases. Opt for a hair transplant for more permanent results. The vampire treatment is purported to give hair grafts a greater chance of successfully implanting. 

Switch To A Healthy Diet

For great results on the outside, first show love to the inside. What you consume is inextricably tied to how your body functions. Focus on consuming a balanced meal every day, three times a day if possible. Ensure all food groups are represented, not favoring too heavily one specific group over the other. These days many meals contain a lot more fat and carbohydrates than protein or fruits and vegetables. The dark leafy vegetables and your healthy cuts of chicken and meats contain the protein, iron, zinc, and biotin needed for healthy hair. 

You should also be more conscious of your water consumption. Think of your hair as a plant that gets starved when neglected. It’s all well and good to spritz some moisture onto your hair and scalp, but heat and humidity can quickly take that away. Drink the recommended 8 glasses of water daily to see more results. 

Use Natural Products

Buying synthetic-based products off the shelves should be limited. Lavish onto your body natural elements that contain the minerals and nutrients required to penetrate deeply into the hair shafts for amazing results with little to no poor consequences or side effects. Try aloe vera which has been used in many parts of the world for centuries as a remedy for shedding and dandruff. Source some pure aloe vera gel and shampoos and conditioners with this key ingredient. Even better would be buying or growing and using from your very own aloe vera plant.

Natural oils like peppermint, jojoba, and coconut oil are important for the permeation and sealing of moisture within the hair follicles. They are often used as leave-in treatments but can also be used as pre-poos and hot oil therapies. 

Massage Your Scalp

The science behind this suggestion is that the more blood flow is increased to this region, the more nutrients and oxygen will be carried to the root of the follicles. A daily gentle massage of the scalp will not only help to relieve anxiety but will aid in increasing your hair’s thickness. The back and forth and circular motions of the pads of the fingers cause pulling and stretching of the dermal papilla cells in the deeper layers of the tissue. Massage for approximately five minutes multiple times a day for best results. This can be done on dry hair or while you’re in the process of washing your hair. Although not proven to add any additional benefits, you may choose to enlist the help of a scalp massager.

Consider Medication

Over-the-counter and prescribed medications have had some success in growing hair thicker and more voluminous. Minoxidil, better known as Rogaine, is used to treat hereditary hair loss occurring in the back region of the head. Propecia for males and spironolactone for females are other options. Before trying any medication, please consult a medical professional. Treating underlying conditions like hypothyroidism and anemia may be the key to the hair challenges you experience. 


Many factors can stand in the way of beautiful and healthy hair but there are also many treatment options. Talk to your doctor and then make a temporary or permanent decision which is right for you.

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