7 Fun And Cute Things That Cat Lovers Do

Cats are quite a lot to handle. However, a cat may not be as active as a dog in activities. Data has shown that cats and cat lovers need and deserve quality time together with each other. It is no hidden fact that a cat can become very irritable if not given enough stimulation and adequate attention. There are many fun things you could do with your cat that will keep both of you happy and occupied, providing and creating a bond as you share substantial time. This article suggests different ways to keep you and your cat occupied.

What Can I Do To Make My Cat And I Happy?

It is an extremely great idea to develop and gain interest in making your cat happy and comfortable and making your bond stronger. The following activities will help you to maintain your cat’s mental and physical health and promote bonding.

Walk Your Cat

There is a very significant misconception that leash walking is restricted for dogs alone. If you keep or own a feline friend that stays indoors for most of the day, you may want to put taking them on walks now and then into proper consideration. Leash walking offers you total control of where and when your cat is going so you can properly supervise them and ensure that it is safe. Training your cat to walk on a leash can take a while, but these animals are pretty intelligent, and cat owners will realize that their cats will adjust to it and enjoy the walk in a situation where problems are encountered. 

Dress Them Up

You can purchase lots of pet clothes that make your pets look cute or funny. However, some of them can cause stress or discomfort in your pet. 

Before you do anything else, some things are essential to consider. Examine their comfort, can they move freely, remain communicative. The Folks at Suddenly Cat show how clothing for pets can be extremely useful in keeping them warm, comfortable, or safe. For example, cats with missing or very thin fur can stay warm with a well-fitted coat on a cold winter’s day. It is sometimes possible for special boots to protect cat paws, especially if their pads are frequently cut or scraped or have recently been injured.

Play Hide-and-Seek

Not only do humans enjoy the game of hide-and-seek. These games unleash the predatory nature of cats. For example, you could hide behind a couch, bed, or desk. Your cat will stalk you as if you are their prey. If your cat has stuffed toys, you can attach them to a string so that you can pull one under the blanket. Most cats can’t resist trying to catch the moving toy; this is a perfect and beautiful way to train your cat and at the same time bond and have fun.

Food Hunting

It is part of a cat’s instinct to hunt for food, as that attribute is part of every living creature. If your cat is curious, you can hide small amounts of food or treats throughout your home and let him discover them independently or with your direction. This way, you can keep your cat engrossed while you are busy. Your cat will love it!

Watching TV Together 

Nothing feels better than curling up on the couch with your cat to watch a TV show. It is surprising how much cats love TVs! The cat can snuggle up next to you on the couch while you watch some TV shows about birds, rodents, and fish – natural prey for cats. These are things that your cat is likely to pick interest in. It is also a great way to relieve boredom and stress for both of you.

Giving Them Paper Bags or Cardboard Boxes

Cats are absolutely in love with paper bags and cardboard boxes. If your cat gets bored with their old toys and you do not have it within your budget to get them new toys, you can always provide them with cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags, and packing paper as that will encourage them to explore with their paws. They will be entertained for hours, and you will be amused watching them play. Be sure to supervise your cat while playing with toys or everyday household items, so they do not choke on it or suffocate.

Use Feather and String

By waving a feather wand, toys such as a Flutter Flyer, and Glow Tail Wand, you get to interact with your cat as these toys catch their attention. They mimic the movements of a bird, which give your cat opportunities to want to “hunt.” The stimulating play requires your cat to leap in the air and try to capture the flying object with its paws. If you want your cat to stay healthy, pick a place that’s spacious and safe for it to live in so that it doesn’t fly into furniture and get hurt.

Just as you need to spice up your relationships with humans, it is essential to put effort into making your relationship with your feline friend a better one filled with more fun and experience. Having and creating time to play with your cat will go a long way in building your relationship.

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