How to Keep Your Well Water Safe and Clean

With Proper Disinfection, You Can Ensure That You Do Not Face Any Distress After Consuming Well Water

The water in wells is always prone to impurities. This can increase the risk of pathogens in it which can make you more prone to diseases like E.Coli, diarrhea, food poisoning, and others. This can also be due to increased use of pesticides, or heavy metal impurities in the well. Some of these can lead to fatal circumstances. 

Other problems that can be related to that of well water are associated with hardness. When the calcium and magnesium levels in the water are high, it can cause problems to your skin and hair. It can also affect your washed laundry as well as clog the plumbing systems. If the water in your well gets mixed with floodwater, it changes color, smell, or taste, or if you have not disinfected it for the last year, then you will need to take some steps to make the water safe for consumption. Below mentioned are some ways that you can disinfect your well.

Filtrations System

In Long Island itself, there are over 40,000 private wells. The common method for treating well water is to filter it properly. There are many types of filter options available and you can easily choose one that fits your needs and budget. You can add a whole-house filtration system that can help to filter water in all the pipes in your house. Counter-top filtrations can easily be attached to the tap and allow the water from the tap to be safe for drinking. If you want to filter a considerably larger amount of water, you can look into fixing under-the-sink filtration systems. 

Water Softener

The water from the well may need to go through a high amount of filtration when you want to use it for drinking. However, for other purposes like laundry, you will need to just make sure that the water is contaminant-free and focus more on the hardness of the water. Hard water can clog up your plumbing systems and stain your kitchenware. It will also affect your skin and hair as you use the same for showering. Using water softened makes the water soft and more fit for your use. 

Water Distiller

This is an easy, convenient and traditional way of making well water fit for drinking. In this process, the well water is boiled. Water distillation is a good option when you only want to use a small amount of water and it gets harder to boil large amounts of it. It can however remove most of the impurities of the water. It makes the water free from any heavy metal and bacteria-related impurities.

Water Disinfectant 

You should choose a water disinfectant when the well water has a high amount of microbial growth. Common disinfectants like chlorine and electronic radiation can help to disinfect water.

Once you have applied a method of disinfection, you should make sure that you maintain your well properly. Cover it properly so that there are fewer chances of impurities or dirt falling into it. A well-kept well can provide you with drinkable water for a long time.

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