How to Effectively Resolve Your Marital Life Issues and Deepen Intimacy

During the honeymoon stage, it seemed easier to be intimate with your partner, but as the years pass, rekindling your passion takes a back seat which is only natural when you’re both preoccupied with your daily routine. While this is perfectly normal, the problem starts when we accept that we are no longer in the honeymoon phase and that this is just a part and parcel of life. The truth is, love is a verb. It’s a choice you make every day, and it doesn’t have to be a difficult choice. With the following tips, you will effectively resolve your marital life issues and deepen intimacy with your partner.

Put Your Relationship First

When we go to work, we may not always be in the best mood, we may have to deal with unpleasant things, but that never stops us from being compassionate, charming, and thoughtful with our clients. This is because we know that we must put our best foot forward to impress our clients and make them continue working with us. 

We put these relationships above our daily stresses and yet when we come home, we don’t do the same for the people who love us the most. Instead of giving your partner the leftovers from your day, choose to give them your most charming, compassionate self. 

Rewire Your Mindset

We have all adopted mindsets that have been built since childhood, and we may not even realize our behavioral patterns and how they affect our relationships. Rewiring your brain to become more positive can help you confidently lead in your relationship. The truth is, fixing your relationship starts with healing yourself. This is why the marriage counselors at Couples Counseling Columbus, Ohio recommend getting therapy to address your own personal issues and heal yourself so that you and your partner are able to break your patterns and work together. With the help of a licensed therapist, you and your partner will both become more self-aware which will help you rebuild intimacy. Becoming more mindful will also help in other aspects of your life. 

Get Out Of Your Own Head

Intimacy is not something that you can think up, it is something that you feel. Therefore, the first thing to practice is how to get out of your noisy head. Your thoughts are your fears and past experiences which stop you from being in the moment. When we quiet our minds and learn to focus on the present, we are then able to appreciate our partner. This helps us to not take our spouse for granted. It’s as simple as changing your routine. What can you do to show your spouse that you are grateful for what they do? Ask yourself how you greet them in the morning. Oftentimes, how you start the day affects how you finish it.

When you take a moment to just be with your spouse, enjoy their presence, and put in the effort to make their happiness a priority, you will quickly see a change in your connection. Rebuilding intimacy can sometimes be as simple as giving your partner a compliment, being playful, flirting, holding their hand, or giving them a kiss when they walk through the door. When you change how you show up for your partner, you encourage that behavior in them too.

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