A List Of Smartest Large Mix Dog Breeds To Fit Your Active Lifestyle

A dog is a man’s best friend, goes the saying. Now, this is not just a speculation, for it is widely known that having a pet of any kind can help fight depression, anxiety and reduce stress. But, recent studies have shown how, specifically, having a dog can drastically improve the overall quality of our life. Furthermore, it is not just the mental support, and emotional bond we create that helps us, rather they help us stay in shape and have a more active lifestyle. Below, we’ll discuss some of the smartest and most popular large mixed breeds of dogs you can take under consideration while choosing your partner for exercise and friend for life. 

Belgian Shepherd

Better known as the Belgian Malinois, this large mix dog breed has some distinctive features which separate it from its German counterpart. For example, it has thicker yet shorter fur, is less prone to disease, and has been long used in the police force. The breed is quite old, as the Malinois even served in WWI, and has an outstanding physique. Its muscular body and bigger bodyweight give the Malinois more stamina, strength, and endurance, making it perfect for lovers of sports activities such as jogging, running, or simply power walking.

Australian Cattle Dog 

A high-class mixed breed, this dog has the trademarks of a rottweiler and a guardian shepherd. It’s one of those hyperactive, never-to-get-tired dog breeds. While it is active and agile, this dog has a great working personality and physical dispositions allowing him to be the bodyguard of the family. Calm, standing, and loyal, it is a true rottweiler mix, weighting quite a lot, making it look large and frightening, perfect for keeping away intruders. It’s clever and mostly calm, with a high degree of concentration helpful while watching cattle. It thrives in a working environment, allowing it to stay active and run around. A truly great farm animal, helpful and loyal. 

The Doberman 

Of course, the most recognized and well-known breeds would make it on this list. The Doberman always seemed a bit dangerous and people generally think of it as aggressive and hostile. This on the other hand couldn’t be further from the truth as it has shown to be extremely loyal and affectionate. It has the speed, endurance, energy, and resilience of a professional athlete and is protective of its owners. Don’t worry, it’s safe around kids contrary to popular belief. 

Siberian Husky 

This blue-eyed beauty was first trained and meant for snow sleds and harsh winters. It has a thick coat of fur meant for the rough winters of the Siberian mountains yet a lovely nature and soft heath, perfect for keeping it around children and your family. It is considered a large breed with 60 pounds on the scale and a large muscular body hiding beneath its coat. There are some concerning health issues, such as hip dysplasia (common in most large mixed dog breeds), cataracts as it gets older and corneal dystrophy, but it has a long lifespan and the risks are common with every breed, not just this one. This dog is perfect for mountain lovers, who love climbing, hiking, and going on rough terrain. It can keep up the pace effortlessly, as it has quite the outstanding stamina and strength ( it is meant for sleds), and with its size can easily protect you from danger. 

Redbone Coonhound

With its ancestors going back to the 19th century, the Redbone was “ designed” to be the perfect hunting hound. It stands tall and proud, with a muscular body and long tail. It has extremely distinguished senses, a great hearing, an agile body, and it has the constitution of a runner. Its coat is sharp and smooth which makes the visibility of any undesired insects easily noticeable. It’s a great companion for running through forest terrain, seldom gets lost, and is highly intelligent. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback

For the end, we’ll crown the list with a rare known yet amazing dog breed. The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog was a favorite of African long-runner hunters, always keeping up with the prey. The dog has astonishing endurance, resilience, and energy. You may easily confuse it with the previously mentioned Redbone, because of the floppy ears and similar luck, but this South African beauty has a hallmark on its back. Its owners should be aware of its prey drive and independent nature, yet for those of us trying to run a marathon and preparing for one, there is certainly not a breed like this. 

Whatever the choice, all these dogs have their particular purpose and are better for certain types of activities. Depending on what you prefer, from climbing mountains to just having a power walk around the corner, these dog breeds will keep you company and make sure you don’t lose your pace. 

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