How to Create Wedding Memories That Will Amaze You Even After a Decade?

Your wedding is one of the most special occasions in your life. It’s the day you tie the knot with your soulmate and start the rest of your lives together. It’s not that every little detail about the day isn’t engraved in your brain, but it’s always beautiful to have physical proof of these memories, so you can recall the day more vividly.

Creating wedding memories is not difficult at all, but if you do it in a creative way, you’ll always be able to look back at the day and relive your special day no matter how many years have passed. Here are some great ideas to keep the special details of your wedding day always alive and present.

Have a Guestbook at The Wedding

Choose the design of your choice that matches your and your significant other’s characters, and create a guestbook that is uniquely yours for people to leave you nice wishes or write down any of your memories with them. It’s a classic idea, but who said classic is bad? You may even write each other memorable notes in this book. Maybe stick pictures from your wedding later and keep this as a beautiful reminder of your very special day that you can look at for years and years to come.

Create Unusual Pictures 

Your wedding day is not just any day, which is why you should take pictures that show your character and style. Why take pictures like everyone else? Hire a talented photographer and ask them to take artful images of you and your spouse together alone and then other pictures with you together with your friends and family. You can choose one or more of these pictures that you love most and print them on canvas or wood, or any material of your choice, and hang them on the wall or put them in frames. You can also ask them to make special collages of your wedding pictures and print them to be framed, or create different types of decorative items with them.

Have a Memorable Photo Booth with Props

Depending on how big the area is, you can have either one or multiple photo booths where there are different props to use when taking pictures. You can make a special photo album of these pictures to always remember the fun you had on your wedding day, and cherish these good-natured humorous moments that you will always have, no matter the challenges you face together in your life.

Choose a Unique Place to Have Your Wedding

It doesn’t have to be a big hall with a traditional setting for a wedding. You can have your wedding wherever you want. It’s your day, so you can have it at the spot you first met, or somewhere you both love and choose as the place you want to share your love with each other with your friends and family.

Take Random Videos

Besides recording the whole wedding on video, ask your friends to take random videos with you, even if they’re taken by a phone camera, and save them to always go back to watch them. Save these videos on your phones and online cloud services to always have access to them and never lose them.

Create a Memory Box at Home

After the wedding, start collecting some of the little items from your wedding that you want to keep as a souvenir from the wedding and put them in a box. You can name it whatever you feel appropriate. You can draw things that are special to you or stick some wedding pictures on it. You may even write your vows on the box from the outside, and then keep things like your wedding invitation, flowers from the wedding, accessories, and decorations, anything you want to keep. Through the years, you will always be reminded of those little items you have from the day that is the start of a wonderful life you share with your significant other.

People will tell you how to make your wedding day special and what you need to focus on, but it doesn’t matter what they say. Your wedding day is your day, and only you and your partner decide what makes it special. Material items are nothing but souvenirs you keep from that day, but the memory of that day will never fade because it’s the day you and your partner decided to share your love with the world. Pictures, videos, and any other tangible item is a beautiful way to make these memories engraved in your mind and soul alive, and be able to show them to your children if you decide to have any.

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