Keeping A Child Care Facility Clean: A Complete Guide

It is no secret that children are some of the most susceptible to contracting illnesses and diseases. This is especially true in child care facilities, where dozens or even hundreds of kids may be in close contact with each other on a daily basis. In order to keep your child care facility as clean and disease-free as possible, you need to implement a comprehensive sanitation plan. This article will provide an overview of the key aspects of sanitation that you need to consider, from hand washing to disinfection. It will also discuss how to ensure that your staff stays healthy and immune system strong, so they can help keep the facility clean. Finally, you will take a look at some tips for maintaining a clean and sanitary environment in your child care facility.

Make a Thorough Sanitation Plan

In order to implement a sanitation plan that is as comprehensive as possible, it is important that you brainstorm all of the sanitation aspects that could be relevant to your facility. This may include anything from hand washing and diaper changing procedures to special sanitation measures for different events your child care facility hosts. Once you have a list of sanitation-related issues, you need to determine which ones are most important for keeping your facility clean and safe. You can then prioritize them accordingly. Such plans are usually known to companies like because of their experience in that specific field. For example, if food sanitation is a high priority in your facility, you should invest extra time and money into keeping kitchens as well as serving areas as clean and sanitary as possible (e.g., washing dishes correctly). 

By contrast, an area like bathrooms may not need any special attention, unless they are used by very young children or infants. After determining your sanitation plan, you can begin to implement it. If there are sanitation measures that you feel might be overlooked in your facility (e.g., regular cleaning of walls), you should make sure that everyone who works at the childcare center is aware of them and follows them accordingly.

Staff Health and Immunity

The most important part of sanitation in a child care facility is making sure that any employees who work there are healthy enough to help keep the environment clean. 

One way to achieve this goal is through proper handwashing procedures. Make sure that any employees who come into contact with children at your facility wash their hands thoroughly and frequently. It is also important to ensure that all staff members, including part-time ones, know exactly what types of sanitation procedures they need to follow. If you must hire temporary help (e.g., during the summer months), it may be worth the extra money to invest in some hand sanitizer for them to use on the go.

Get The Parents Onboard

You should also educate the parents of the children who attend your facility about sanitation. You can do this by posting signage that provides clear instructions on sanitation procedures that are designed to keep children healthy (e.g., hand hygiene). Make it easy for them to know what to expect during their child’s day at your center, so they aren’t surprised if sanitation measures change between drop-off and pick-up times.

Regular Inspections

Finally, you should ensure that sanitation standards in your facility are maintained by having regular inspections conducted by relevant authorities (e.g., local government agencies). These inspections will help you maintain accreditation or licensing that may be necessary to run a child care facility, as catch any sanitation issues before the children become exposed to them.

However, an internal inspection may be even more important, as it can be done more frequently and more thoroughly. It may be a good idea to schedule a walk-through of your facility at least once a day, more frequently if sanitation procedures are not being followed correctly or if the sanitation standards of the facility appear to be decreasing.

Maintain A Clean Environment

In order to ensure that sanitation in your child care facility is as high as possible, you must keep everything as clean as possible by regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment. While such efforts will initially require more money and time than simply allowing dirt and grime to accumulate over time, they will also help prevent sanitation issues from occurring by removing places where germs can grow (e.g., on dirty surfaces). 

Keeping sanitation in a childcare facility is not easy, but it can be done. The first step to doing so is by making sure that the staff who work at your facility are healthy and their immune system is strong enough to fight any possible illnesses. Furthermore, you should take into account all of the key areas of sanitation-hand washing, diaper changing, and hand sanitizing among others-to keep your facility as clean as possible. Finally, you need to have regular inspections by relevant authorities to ensure you are following all relevant laws and regulations.  

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