6 Useful Hacks That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Cat

There are several psychological advantages to having a pet, and several studies have shown how people cope easier with anxiety, depression, and trauma when around animals. The soothing effects it has on our overall well-being are more than obvious, and whoever possesses a pet knows the tranquility it brings with it. Cats are often the first pick, for most, and there is always an everlasting division between cat and dog lovers. Cats have proven to be extremely intelligent, and although the common misconception is regarding their “heartlessness”, they are anything but that. If you happen to have one of these furry friends, here is some advice on how to properly take care of it, in the text below. 


Cats are friendly beings, and although most people have the feeling of them being loners, cats prefer companionship and friendship. Therefore, one simple piece of advice, one which will help you as well, is to provide your cat with companionship and you’ll have to single out one time during the whole day for your little friend. Whether it is after work for at least half an hour or before leaving, do not neglect your cat and deprive it of your love. 

One advantage of cats over dogs is that they require less continual care and are more self-sufficient. It’s also necessary to play with your cat from time to time and give it daily petting. Grooming is also required for Persian and other long-haired cats, so if you can’t commit to a regular grooming program, consider short-haired cats. Cats groom themselves quite frequently, so you’ll have less hassle, however you’ll need to “jump in” now and then.

Provide it with a litter tray 

Cats, like all mammals, have a need to visit the litter tray from time to time. You’ll need to take this into account, and you’ll have to clean it regularly and keep it that way to prevent the spreading of any diseases or possible infections. You can also make a little door so they’ll have access to the backyard, which is quite convenient during hotter days. Though it seems like quite a responsibility, cleaning the litter box daily will probably take up no more than 5 minutes, and of course, you’ll want to make sure the sand is organic and does not contain traces of waste or plastic. Also, cats need a clean bed and a safe environment to thrive. The possibilities are numerous, and sleeping bags vary in size and substance; nevertheless, what matters most is that it is clean and sanitary, as previously said.

It’ll need a little playground 

Although it may not appear so, cats are highly active, and young cats, in particular, require space to explore and play. You’ll need to establish a safe environment for your cat where it may feel at ease and have its needs met. Among other things, you can always get a little tree or foam castle, or practically anything that might keep your cat busy if you happen to live in a condo without access to the outdoors. You’ll also have to make sure the cat is not around harmful animals and keep the windows shut as they have a tendency to simply leave without notice. 

Regularly feed it 

This should go without saying, but depriving your cat of food on a regular basis is considered maltreatment. Your cat has its own schedule, and cats do have a propensity to eat a little and save the rest for later. Many people mistake this behavior for their cat not having an appetite or being full, so they give her too much or too little food. You’ll want to make sure to consult your vet on the exact diet soothed for your cat, and you’ll also want to inform on the foods they cannot eat under any circumstances, such as chocolate or certain veggies. Cat food disposers are a handy tool since they provide cats easy access to the food because they contain moving sensors that detect their approach and promptly fill the bowl with food. Another way is to divide its meals among several little ones and leave them for the cat if you happen to go somewhere for a while. 

Regular vet checks and vaccine shots 

You’ll always want to be on the safe side with your pet and therefore check its health regularly by paying a visit to the vet every now and then. You’ll also want to vaccinate your cat against some major diseases they are quite prone to, thereby preventing any serious illness. If they happen to be sick or are showing signs of sickness, never hesitate to take it immediately just in case. You’ll have to vaccinate it against rabies, feline calicivirus, and feline distemper. And if your cat happens to be a wild cat, be extra precautious and give it a few more against bordetella and similar infections. 

Protect it against fleas

If you notice your cat scratching like crazy over and over again, in the same spot, chances are it caught some flees. You’ll have to shower it once or twice with a special medical shampoo, use some gel and get a necklace against fleas for extra protection, thereby preventing them from getting back. 

It seems like a lot of work, however, it isn’t as said in the beginning, they are low-maintenance creatures, except for the basics we just mentioned. Yet again, the benefits of having a furry companion are many, among others, you’ll have someone at your side at all times. 


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