Glasses – How To Keep Your Eyesight While Looking Good

Glasses aren’t typically seen as trendy. In fact, most people regard them as dorky. However, that’s only because most people have no idea how they’re supposed to wear glasses (or what glasses suit their faces). You can make a pair of glasses look very cool if you put some thought into it.

If you are somebody who cares about fashion, your appearance, and the way that people perceive you, then this article is for you. Here you will find instructions for keeping your eyesight good while looking as cool as you possibly can.

Designer Glasses

One of the best ways to ensure you look your best is to buy a pair of designer glasses. Most designer glasses have some kind of logo or symbol on their frame, which will let others know what they are. Buying a pair of designer glasses can be a highly effective way of showing people that you’ve got good taste in fashion (and that you have a bit of money, too). It should be noted though, designer glasses can be obscenely expensive. If you are on a budget, then rather than buying them at once, it might be better to buy them as part of a payment plan, on finance. Buying glasses on finance means that you’re able to break down the cost and pay toward them monthly.

Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses can be an effective way of pulling your outfits together. According to the experts on this site, it’s possible to order your own custom lenses. Once you have visited your optician and they have told you what your prescription is, you can then order custom lenses from an online company. Buying several pairs of lenses (of varying colours) means that you can then swap your lenses according to what you’re wearing, keeping the frame the same. Swapping your lenses around can be an effective way of making your outfits look much better. Make sure to buy lenses that suit the colour of your face, if you’re buying tinted ones.

Matching Colours

You need to make sure that your lenses match the colours of your outfits. You can make yourself look a lot more stylish by matching lenses to your outfits. If you are wearing a shirt with a splash of pink on it, then consider buying a pair of rose-tinted lenses, and putting them in. You also need to think about the colours of the other accessories that you’re wearing too, though. Your glasses aren’t the only things that need consideration. If you are wearing a pair of pink socks and nothing else on your outfit is pink, you’ll look like you have no understanding of fashion.

Buying Accessories

As mentioned in the previous section, glasses aren’t the only kind of accessory that you need to think about. Unfortunately, a lot of people never wear accessories (or do not know which accessories make them look good). You should always have a bag and some jewellery on you, as well as a belt if you’re wearing trousers with belt loops. Your belt needs to match the shade and the colour of your shoes. Your socks should always match your shirt or tie, and your glasses can match anything you want them to.

Consistent Style

Keep your style consistent. If you wear a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, then adhere to the ‘Ivy Style’ rather than dressing in a more contemporary style. Different styles call for different classes. If you are going to wear aviator-style glasses on the other hand, then you need to make sure that you’re dressed more casually. If you are struggling to figure out which style matches the glasses that you own, then reach out to the manufacturer’s customer support team and ask to be put in touch with a stylist. A stylist will be able to help you to figure out what to wear with them.

Visiting Optician

Finally, make sure that you visit your optician at least twice a year. Bi-annual appointments will help you to keep your eyes in good order. At your appointments, your optician will perform scans and check out the health of your retina and optic nerve. These scans will then be able to tell the optician whether or not you have any diseases or health conditions. Opticians’ appointments can be expensive, so visiting twice a year should be enough. If you have any emergencies, then rather than visiting the optician, visit the ER so you can see an ophthalmologist.

Glasses can make you look very cool. They can also keep your eyes healthy. If you need a pair, then visit your optician, get a prescription, and then buy yourself the coolest glasses that you can. Be sure to shop around so you can get a pair that suits you and your style.  

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