7 Fun Things Coffee Shop Owners Can Offer Their Guests

Coffee shops are often the go-to spot for a quick caffeine fix, but they can also be much more than that. Coffee shop owners have an opportunity to create unique experiences for their guests and make them feel welcome in their establishment. From creative menu items to fun activities and events, there are many ways coffee shop owners can offer something special to draw customers in. We’ll explore seven fun things coffee shop owners can do to make their business stand out from the competition and give guests an enjoyable experience each time they visit.

1. Jukeboxes

A jukebox has been a staple in coffee shops and diners since the 1950s. While CDs have largely replaced vinyl records, a jukebox is still an excellent way to add some classic audio entertainment for customers. Jukeboxes can come preloaded with albums or you can opt to give guests the option of creating their custom playlists for everyone’s enjoyment. The ones from GameTimeFlorida.com offer a wide selection of tunes, including classic rock and pop hits. And, since they come with a free mobile app, customers can easily control the music from their phones.

2. Open Mic Nights

Open mic nights are a great way to allow local talent to showcase their skills and liven up your coffee shop. Many musicians will be happy to perform in exchange for a cup of coffee or other small tokens of appreciation. Plus, creating an event like this will draw new visitors and help you build relationships with other members of the community. Additionally, adding a fun theme or incorporating an acoustic jam session could give open mic nights a unique twist.


Karaoke is always a crowd-pleaser, and it’s the perfect way to bring people together for some laughs and good times. A karaoke night at your coffee shop will attract regulars who are looking for something new and different. Consider partnering with a local karaoke company to provide all the necessary equipment, including microphones and speakers. You can even create special karaoke promotions throughout the week as an extra incentive for customers to come in. 

3. Local Craft Events

Supporting local artisans is another great way to make your coffee shop stand out from the competition. Invite local craftspeople to share their work with your guests and arrange a special event where customers can purchase handmade goods directly from the creators. Not only does this create a unique shopping experience for your customers, but it also helps promote local businesses and artists in the community.

4. Trivia Nights

Trivia nights are perfect for coffee shop owners looking to attract new customers and give regulars something new to do. You can host weekly or monthly trivia events focused on anything from sports trivia to classic movie quotes. Prizes like free coffee or other goodies should be offered as incentives for contestants who finish first and second place. 

5. Art Exhibits

Turn your coffee shop into an art gallery by inviting local artists to showcase their work in a monthly exhibit. Provide a space for the art to be displayed and encourage guests to come in and check out the pieces. You can even create an event around the exhibit, such as a reception where customers can meet the artists and hear them discuss their work in more detail.

6. Book Clubs

Book clubs are another great way to bring people together over coffee. Guests can gather once a month to discuss literature or other topics of interest while enjoying some delicious drinks and snacks. Consider partnering with your local library or bookstore to provide books for your book club members, who can then keep them or exchange them after each discussion. 

7. Promotions

Some creative and unique promotions can also help make your coffee shop stand out from the competition. Create exciting discounts or incentive programs for loyal customers that encourage them to come back again and again. You could also offer special rewards for customers who bring in friends or family members as a way of spreading word-of-mouth about your business. For example, you could give an extra discount to customers who refer five or more new customers. Additionally, consider partnering with local businesses in the area and offering a joint promotion that allows their customers to also benefit from your business. 

Overall, adding some fun activities to your coffee shop can be an excellent way to create a welcoming environment and give your guests an enjoyable experience each time they visit. With so many options, you’re sure to find something that appeals to all types of customers. So get creative and start planning some new events today!

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