6 Ways To Get Rid Of A Non-Running Car Sitting In Your Backyard

If you don’t want the exterior of your home to look cluttered and unappealing, it might be time to move that car that’s been sitting idle for a while now. There are plenty of reasons why your car might have stopped running, from damage to long-term inactivity, but whatever the reason, you need to start thinking about getting it shifted. This post will cover several ways (six, no less) to remove such a vehicle from your property and even make some cash in the process!

Contact A Junk Car Removal Service In Your Area

Arguably the most straightforward option at your disposal is to contact a dedicated junk dealer in your area. However, that last point is particularly important because the closer they are to you, the more likely they will pick up your junker free of charge. You can find out more here, and in most cases, it involves searching the web for a suitable company, contacting them to get a quote then watching them take it away. Nonetheless, you will likely need to prove your ownership and accept a relatively low offer (it is junk, after all). However, if you are prepared for these relatively minor sacrifices, the advantages are that you don’t have to deal with complex or frustrating negotiations, your car will be gone fairly quickly, and you can pocket a bit of cash which is always lovely!

Put A For Sale Sign On It

Sometimes the most straightforward ideas are often the best! The success you’ll find with this tip largely depends on your location and the proximity of your house to others (i.e., this will work better in a city rather than a rural or sparkly populated suburban setting). All you need to do is come up with a price you think is fair (fairness is the key), commission a flashy sign from your local signmaker, then wait for the punters to roll in. However, there are a few caveats involved here. Firstly, this might not be the best option if you’re hoping for an expedited sale; you might not be in luck. You have to wait for people to see your sign and then contact you and negotiate the price. 

Additionally, that latter point tends to turn most people away from this step and look for other options, like selling to a junk dealer. Dealing with others when selling something demands patience. However, if you’re not in a hurry, this step could be a great option to make more money than you otherwise might, especially if you are a shrewd dealmaker.

Give It Away To A Fettling Enthusiast

Fettling is the art of repairing something back to its former glory. The word can be used for almost anything that involves the enjoyment of fixing this, but in this case, it’s related to your old car. You might be surprised at how many folks exist who simply enjoy the process of messing around with old stuff and fixing it up, and making it ready to reuse. This also bodes well for you as you can either sell it to those you find or simply give it away (which is always a nicer option if it goes to a good home). Nevertheless, you will have to find ambitious fettlers prepared to take on a challenge of this magnitude. You can ask friends and family if they know anyone, but if not, you can always post a targeted ad to attract the right kind of person.

Place An Ad In A Classified Or Social Media Marketplace

Ads are a great way to kill two birds, so to speak. You can get rid of the thing cluttering up your yard and make money simultaneously. However, when creating your advertisement, ensure you provide detailed information about the vehicle’s condition and any repairs that may need to be made. Be honest, as potential buyers will appreciate it and make it less likely you’ll experience hassle down the road. 

Donate It To Goodwill, And Possibly Get A Tax Education

Although you might gravitate towards this step as a matter of provincial, you need to be aware that not all charities will accept non-functioning or broken items. Therefore, you need to do some research to find out which are happy to take it off your hands. Furthermore, if you do find one, you might be able to request a tax deduction for goodwill (but speak with an accountant before submitting this in your tax rerun).

Ifx It Up Yourself If You Have The Requisite Skills 

While this isn’t getting rid of it per se, it is a way to create a fun project for yourself to eventually move it under its own power. If you have the tools, the ability, the time, and the wherewithal to give it a go…you might find yourself pleasantly satisfied with the result. Moreover, once it’s up and running again, you may even be able to get a better price for it when you go to sell it.

Getting rid of an old beater might seem like an insurmountable challenge, but you need to understand that it can be done with a bit of lateral thinking. From finding a junk removal service to breathing new life into it, you have plenty of options to test out.

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  1. I find it surprising that you could sell old vehicles to a junk car dealer for easy money while removing the vehicle from your property! My friend has always liked the idea of decluttering his lawn from his late uncle’s old cars. I should share this with him so he’d consider the idea someday.

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