5 Expert Tips For Buying The Perfect Prescription Glasses Online

Why should you be hesitant about buying glasses online when people now rely on the internet for 51% of their shopping? Yes, we are well aware of the challenges that come with choosing the perfect glasses that match your style and work well for your vision. 

There’s nothing even to be worried about as there’s a level of ease and convenience that comes with shopping online. It’s more advantageous than walking into a brick-and-mortar store for your prescription glasses. 

In this piece, we want to allay online shoppers’ fears when buying the perfect glasses. This is why we will rely on experts’ opinions to guide you in choosing glasses for your pocket and your eyes. 

Here are five experts’ opinions on shopping online for prescription eyeglasses; 

1.    Get Educated on The Right Lens and Coatings For You

It does not matter where you want to order prescription glasses online; you will likely be upsold on the lenses and coatings. This is why it is best that you are well aware of the lenses and coatings that are perfect for you. 

Know that once you step out of buying basic, single-strength lenses, you are going to be paying extra. This is not to say that the extra is not worth it, but be sure that it is what you truly need. 

As you are likely to be upsold, that’s why it is pertinent that you know all the lenses best for you. You can choose between progressive, photochromic, high-index plastic, polycarbonate and trivex lenses. 

When it comes to coatings, your options range from ultraviolet, scratch-resistant coasting, and anti-fog coatings. 

2.    Go For an Eye Exam

Before you search for prescription glasses online, you must ensure you go for an eye exam. You have to determine your refractive error before choosing glasses. You must be sure of your eye prescription, or you’ll be wasting resources and causing more damage to your vision.

Don’t underestimate the importance of the eye test, as this will determine your acuity and ascertain your eyeglasses prescription. In addition, your eye exam will determine the strength needed to correct your astigmatism, near-sightedness, and far-sightedness

While you may have done an eye exam before, you will still need it to be sure of the current state of your eye health. 

3.    Use Your Old Glasses as a Starting Point

Whether you still love or hate it, your old glasses will help you in your search for prescription glasses online. Let’s assume there’s nothing wrong with your current pair of glasses, you are just looking for another pair to add to your collection, then your job is made easier.

When you have the sizing and prescription handy, this is quite helpful. If your current glasses work well for you, then it’s a good place to start your search. You may also have pair of glasses you don’t like, that will also be useful. 

On that basis, you can avoid features you dislike and stick with those you prefer. 

4.    Choose Eyeglasses That Suit Your Face Shape

Your whole look is likely to change by your choice of eyeglasses. This is why experts advise you to choose eyeglasses that enhance your look. This is why you should browse through wide range of frame options when ordering online. 

It’s not unusual for you to attract eyeballs when you are rocking a new pair of glasses. This is why its best that you choose ones that suits your personal style and fashion preference. 

You must choose eyeglasses that suit your overall facial features and complement you.  

5.    The Lighter, The Better

No one has told you this before, but you are likely to have constant headaches or fatigue of the eyes because of the weight of your eyeglasses. This is why you are better off with light eyeglasses. 

You should also know that heavy eyeglasses will often slip off your nose. This is why experts believe that light is always better when it comes to eyeglasses. 

It does not have to be plastic frames; there are frames made out of titanium which are lighter and stronger than other materials. This could be the option you have to settle for in your choice of eyeglasses. 

Final Thoughts

It’s not enough to go this distance in buying glasses online; you need to do all you can to ensure that you take proper care of the glasses. You have to pay proper attention to your eyeglasses and avoid whatever can cause damage to the lenses, and the frame. 

When cleaning glasses, you need to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to them. We advice that you use cleaners and clothes designed only for cleaning eyeglasses. This is how you can safeguard your investment in prescription eyeglasses.

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