How To Spend More Time With Your Parents 

We’re all very busy people. We all have a lot to do. This can mean that important things that should be part of our lives are pushed to one side because other things that seem important but that, when you really think about it, aren’t, get in the way. 

One example of this is spending time with our parents. The time we have together is finite, and there is nothing more important than being together as a family. And yet we often find all kinds of excuses not to visit or phone. We often find excuses to leave early or cut a conversation short. That’s because we think the other things on our to-do list are important, but in reality, they’re just urgent, and there is a big difference. 

If you feel it’s time you started to spend more time with your parents and change your priorities in life, it can be hard to work out how to do it. Those urgent tasks will still be there, after all. The good news is there are things that can be done, and although they may require some changes to your routine and even lifestyle, it will be worth it to spend more time with your parents. Read on to find out more. 

Move In Together 

We’ll start with the most extreme and life-changing item on the list because it will offer you the chance to spend the most time with your parents; move in together. Of course, this will mean that both parties have to agree, and it’s wise to have rules in place as to how you’re going to live together, but it could solve a lot of problems. 

By moving in together, you can spend as much time together as you want to, and as long as everyone has their own space as well, you won’t be in one another’s way, and everyone can have their own life. To get this space, you might even combine your finances and buy a larger property, ensuring there is room for all. 

This is a perfect idea if your parents are older and need some extra care, and you can provide that care at home. You might need to organise elderly relocation services if they live a long way from you, and if this is the case, it’s best to speak to experts to make sure your loved one is safe and comfortable. 

Have Dinner Once A Week

If you live relatively close by, why not have dinner as a family once a week? Choose the day that works best for you, and make sure you don’t book anything else on that day so that you can always get to your parents’ home, or they can come to you – you could actually take it in turns, ensuring that everyone gets to host and everyone gets to cook. 

Keeping this day special every week, whether it’s a Monday, a Friday, or perhaps it’s Sunday lunch, ensures you’ll always be able to spend time with your family. Perhaps other family members can come too, such as your siblings. This would be a great chance to catch up with everyone and spend quality time together without being rushed. 

After dinner, you could play games or go for a walk or perhaps watch a film together. Don’t rush off as soon as the food has been eaten, and instead enjoy this time together. It will make a big difference, and the more you enjoy yourself, the less stressed you’ll be in general, which is always a bonus to any activity. 

Have A Regular Day Out

As we’ve said, life is busy, but you should always make time for fun. If you can include your parents in this fun as well, that’s even better. One way to do this is to schedule one day out each month where you pick up your parents and go and do something fun. You might visit a zoo, have a picnic in a park, go to an exhibition in a museum, try a new sport, take a class, go to the theatre, or do anything else. You could do the same thing each time or try something different every month. Perhaps you choose one time, and your parents choose the next. Make your own rules and have plenty of fun with them. 

This day out every month should never be a chore; this is a fun time to spend with your parents, just like when you were little. Take the opportunity to get to know them better, to surprise them and to be surprised, and to spend worry-free hours together without having to rush off to do anything else. 

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