How To Handle Any Unexpected Delays in Your Kitchen Renovation Project

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Renovations are one of the best ways to refresh a tired-looking property and turn it into somewhere that boosts your property value and quality of life. Whether you create another room by installing a loft extension or want to make your kitchen look more luxurious with a renovation, there are many ways to transform your house. 

But while home renovations can be exciting, they can also present many challenges, with one of the most significant problems being unexpected delays. According to statistics, around three-quarters of homeowners (72%) delay home improvement projects due to various factors, including lack of information about the project, poor planning, resource availability and many more. 

But this begs the question, why do home improvement projects get delayed? More importantly, what do you do if you become a victim of it? To help you prevent unexpected delays in your kitchen renovation project, we outline several of our best tips below, from using personal storage instead of shifting all your belongings into the next room to keeping an eye on the weather and more. 

Look After Yourself And Your Belongings 

Despite how exciting home improvement projects can be, they can also be challenging at the best of times, which is why it’s essential that you take care of yourself and your belongings so that no delays appear because of damages or bad health. 

You can achieve this in many ways, from taking out home renovation insurance and living elsewhere until the project is completed to enlisting outside help and storing your belongings in personal storage until the work is completed. Using a personal self-storage unit like Safestore, you don’t have to bother shifting your belongings between rooms, garages, or properties since you can store as much as you want in various London-based locations until the work is completed. 

Keep Your Eye On The Weather 

If you’ve lived in England for most of your life, you’ll know all too well what delights British weather has in store. From blustering winds and unforgiving rainfall, the weather here can be unpredictable at best, so it’s essential to keep one eye on the weather forecast while you’re having work done on your house. Any spell of unpleasant weather can cause delays to your project, so it’s best to try and make your site as weatherproof as possible to avoid any delays or weather-related accidents. 

From using a piece of heavy-duty tarpaulin to cover any bits of your site that could be affected by adverse weather conditions to ensuring any loose items are kept somewhere safe at the end of the day – there are various ways you can ensure that the weather causes as little delays as possible. Doing so will ensure your site is kept safe and secure until work can resume when the weather has settled down. 

Ensure Your Renovation Insurance Is Intact 

The last thing you want is for a delay to happen and find out that there is no Plan B because your home renovation insurance does not cover it; therefore, before any serious works begin, ensure that your insurance is intact. 

If your kitchen renovation gets delayed, you must extend your renovation insurance so that you receive an adequate level of protection. Depending on which provider you approach, they might have options to extend your policy free of charge or for a couple of months/weeks. As such, you can rest assured that you are covered against all types of delays. 

As you plan your kitchen renovation project, keep some of these tips in mind should the project experience delays. It could help you to jump into action quickly, and help prevent further delays along the way.

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