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Blockbuster Beyond Van Gogh Extends to September 30th

 Building on the unprecedented success of Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience at Samanea New York, producer Paquin Entertainment Group announced Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience will take over the same exhibition space and open Saturday, October 7. Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience is full of infinite potential for wonder and sheds new light on what the world thought it knew about Claude Monet. The experience showcases more than 400 of Monet’s most iconic works of impressionism, including the Water Lilies series, Impression: Sunrise, and Poppies. Tickets are on sale at

Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, which has sold over 6 million tickets worldwide, will extend to September 30th at Samanea New York. Tickets and the complete schedule are available at

“Through cutting edge technology, Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience is redefining what art means to people,” says Paquin Entertainment Group’s President of Exhibitions and Theatrical, Justin Paquin “It has elevated artwork to the next level, allowing us to form new relationships with notable masterpieces that were just not possible in previous years.”

Beyond Monet: The Immersive Experience gives guests a glimpse into the emotions and perspectives of the leading figure of Impressionism: Claude Monet. After entering the Garden Gallery, the Prism transports visitors into the biggest feature area of the exhibit. Taking inspiration from Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, the designated home of Monet’s masterpieces, guests can freely roam the Infinity Room to absorb the artist’s bright and colorful paintings. Monet’s stunning imagery encompasses every surface of the room, transporting guests inside the paintings themselves. It is a haven for awakening the senses as the ebb and flow of the artwork is accompanied by the rhythm of an original score.

“When you stand inside Beyond Monet, you truly feel like you are part of Monet’s passionate quest for the effervescent beauty of the world” says Beyond Monet Art Historian Fanny Curtat. “Experiences like these create fresh and original perspectives, allowing us to form new relationships with notable masterpieces in dynamic and fascinating ways.”

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