Laurie Berkner- New Music Video for Halloween

A new Laurie Berkner Halloween music video for kids, “Which Witch,”

has been released TODAY, Friday, September 29.

Kids who love spooky season will be enchanted by Laurie Berkner’s song about two little friends who decide to dress like witches. But which witch is which? Laurie wonders as they cast their spells, stir their potions, and wave their magic wands. She can’t tell! Can you? Kids can even play special game in the top corner of this music video to figure out which witch is which!

“The idea for this song was to use the play on words of ‘Which Witch?’ about two friends dressing up as witches, trying to confuse people about which witch was which friend,” says Laurie Berkner.

“Once I got into the studio and started to record the song, I also realized I wanted to make it into a larger production and really give the listener a feeling of being transported to a world of magic, playfulness, and mystery,” adds Laurie. “I hope the harmonies and soaring quality of the chorus, along with the addition of a theremin toward the climax of the song, really help lift listeners up and take them flying in the sky in their imaginations along with the little witches. I also hope it will inspire kids to play their own version of ‘Which Witch?’ at home!”

Watch the Video with your kids:

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