TinkerTar was created with a young musician in mind and to make a difference in early music education. Each TinkerTar you purchase at Walmart or Target or on Amazon comes with a guitar strap, 2 replacement guitar strings, and an instructional music book containing 12 kid-friendly songs. “The TinkerTar has a fretless, color-coded fingerboard that corresponds to a songbook sold with the guitar, simplifying the learning process of playing guitar so much so that kids as young as 3 can play melodies and even well-known songs.”

This is the perfect gift for any child. It will boost their confidence as they learn how to play the Tinkertar and will perhaps be the start of a new hobby that they will love to do. I know I am excited to get my kids each one and play on it, as well. The hardest part will be choosing the Tinkertar , I love all the designs. The Tinkertar comes in seven designs that are sure to excite any child who sees one. Who wouldn’t want to play a song on a TinkerTar shaped like a pizza or a tiger?

The TinkerTar Method

Why just 1 string? Because 2 strings are too many!

*1 string is perfect for little fingers!

*1 string makes learning an instrument easy and fun!

*1 string makes playing melodies a snap!

*1 string means the TinkerTar is always in tune with itself!

Founder Brian Calhoun and the TinkerTar were featured recently on GMA.

Check out the video below:

Get to know Brian Calhoun:

Brian is best known for creating Rockbridge Guitar, an artisan business crafting high-end acoustic guitars for some of the world’s biggest musicians, including Dave Matthews, Brandi Carlile, Keith Urban, Harry Styles, Marcus King, Lainey Wilson, Zac Brown and more. Calhoun is also the creator of the Chickapig Board game and the author of two kids books. He’s been featured in FORBESNPR and PEOPLE MAGAZINE to name a few.

Connect with TinkerTar on their website, on Instagram, and on You-Tube.

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