StarPassage Book 3: Honor & Mercy!

Award-winning storyteller, Clark R. Burbidge, brings the third book in his popular young adult paranormal time travel adventure series to life in StarPassage Book 3: Honor & Mercy!

 StarPassage is a very well written book series by author, Clark Rich Burbidge who will leave you wanting to know more and more as the characters are on a time travel pursuit to help their family. A great read for young adults and adults looking for a suspenseful fictional story based on different historical events. This award winning series will have you immersed within the historical events and time traveling adventures along with the main characters.

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BigFoot Seek and Find Book Series

Does your child(ren) love a seek and find book?

Mine love searching inside these spectacular seek and find challenge books with a BigFoot theme!

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Musical Exploration Storybooks for Kids – Moana, Tangled & Mickey

Disney and Hal Leonard have launched their Disney Learning “Explore Music” series and we are HUGE FANS!

My kids and I love to read together all day. These picture books are not only beautiful to look at but, they encourage creative play whether it is using movement with your body or your voice to create music or getting crafty to make your own musical instruments with items around your home.  Turn a day at home or a rainy day into a fun day of musical exploration with some familiar characters.

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Revolutionary Friends by Selene Castrovilla

It’s President’s Day and what better way to celebrate then to read a book written by a Long Island children’s author about one of our founding fathers.

Selene Castrovilla has a passion for history and loves George Washington. This book is a great read for children, teens and adults.

“Any child can use the book Revolutionary Friends as a resource in writing an essay. The story is fact and would be a great reliable resource to assist in their writing.”- Selene Castrovilla


“In the story Revolutionary Friends I talk about the relationship between George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette during the Revolutionary War. Lafayette was from France and when he as 2 years old his father died fighting the war in Germany. Lafayette came from a family of money and when he was 19 years old he decided to move with a cause to America; he wanted to be glorious. Even though the King of France said no, Lafayette built a boat and got a crew and sailed for America to help them during the Revolutionary War. When he arrived to America he stopped in Philadelphia ( where they did not want him at first). Lafayette met with Washington right when the British were about to attack and he instantly thought of him as a son. Washington was not very kind to people and did not form relationships very quickly with people. The only other person he liked as much as Lafayette was Benedict Arnold ( which we know from the history books ends up becoming a traitor). The book continues with a heartwarming story of Washington and Lafayette’s relationship during a significant part of U.S. History the Revolutionary War.”

You can purchase Revolutionary Friends—>  click here

Read more about the author and other books she has written —-> Author Spotlight- Selene Castrovilla

This book is a Momee Friends of Long Island favorite and I highly recommend reading this book!

Author Spotlight: Sandy Lanton

Sandy Lanton is a local Long Island author who has written several books with wonderful stories and messages for our children.

mommyblog2 literacy luau 040

Sandy is a local Momee with two children and five grandchildren. Before Sandy published her first book she was a teacher with a BA degree in Psychology and an MS in Early Childhood Education. I met Sandy and her grandson at the Connetquot Highschool’s Literacy Luau in May of 2013 and I recently reached out to her again to do this author spotlight and not only did I enjoy speaking with her but the books she has published are so wonderful I look foward to you reading them as well.

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Have you filled your bucket today?

I attended a wonderful parent workshop at Seeds of Love Creative Enrichment Center with Parent/ Family Coach, and Educator Erika Stroh.

Erika Stroh is a wonderful person who uses her life experiences as a parent to help us be the best parent we can be through discussions and scenarios. She is pictured below with her beautiful daughter Abby. 

applehashbookworms 004

Parents & children are welcome in this two-part interactive workshop. The book discussion and craft will be based on Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss the many life lessons and skills they can teach with this unique book about compassion, kindness, empathy, behavior & consequences while the children will participate in a related craft to support the theme of the book to take home. Come to learn how you can fill your child’s bucket while teaching them to fill their own!

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Book Worm Bookmark

Want a fun bookmark for your little ones favorite book?

Make this easy book worm bookmark that will put a smile on your child’s face and help them remember where they left off in their favorite book.

applehashbookworms 025 applehashbookworms 023

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