How to Help Your Kids Expand Their Vocabulary

Having kids is a wonderful blessing, but it’s also a challenge. There are a lot of things you have to consider when having a child. One of those things is, of course, helping them get on the right track and becoming the people you want them to be. This is the main mission of every parent, no question about it. However, in order for your kids to be properly prepared for the world, they have to be schooled and educated.

Now, you may say that this is not your jurisdiction and that the school should take care of your kid when it comes to education. This, however, is not a good approach. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that the schools are doing a bad job. We are saying that you should also put in a certain amount of effort in order to provide your child with knowledge.

If you want your kid to be educated and smart, you must work on language. Mastering the language will open many doors for them. Now, in order to use the language correctly, your kid has to have a broad vocabulary. This might be a challenge, but fortunately, they have you.

Here’s how to help your kid expand their vocabulary.

Talk To Them Every Day

If you want your kid to be a good talker, you have to converse with them every day. Don’t try too hard to find the topic, just talk to your child about their day. Talk to them like you would talk to an adult person from your work. Give them the respect they deserve. Also, try to use complex words every once in a while. You will find a lot of good words at and you can use them in your everyday conversations. This will definitely intrigue your kid and he or she would like to learn those words. This is one of the best ways to make your kids love the language and to motivate them to learn new words.

Read Books Together

Having a kid is not simple. Especially in today’s modern world. This is why a lot of parents are taking the easy way by giving their kids smartphones and letting them play with themselves. This is a bad parenting approach. If your kid is staring at the screen every day, there is a chance that they will not be able to master the language.

If you want your child to have a broad vocabulary, you must read with them every day. Reading books is the best way for a person to improve their vocabulary. Therefore, find interesting stories to read together on a daily basis. This will allow your kid to learn new words, but it will also improve their critical thinking.

Use Descriptive Language

Talking to your kid on a regular basis is important. However, you should pay attention to what kind of language you are using. If you use simple words and abbreviations, your kid won’t improve their conversation skills. Therefore, try your best to use descriptive language. Encourage them to talk more and to use extraordinary words. This will make your conversations interesting and they will feel good about themselves.

Play Word Games With Them

A lot of kids don’t like to learn outside of school. Just think about it, you were the same way. Therefore, it’s important to make learning fun. One of the best ways to make learning entertaining is to use various games. When it comes to vocabulary, a good way to learn new words is by playing word games. Scrabble is one of the simplest word games you can teach your kid to play. This way, your boy or girl will learn new words while having fun.

Watch Movies With Subtitles

Reading and speaking are not the only two ways to improve your child’s vocabulary. Listening is also rather effective. Therefore, feel free to watch movies with your kids on a regular basis. This way they will learn how to converse and they will definitely learn a lot of interesting new words. To make sure your kids memorize the words, turn on the subtitles. This will be good for their vocabulary and spelling.

Language is something your kid will have to master in order to be smart and successful as an adult. Therefore, try your best to teach them every day. Talk to them, read with them, and watch movies with them.  Make them understand how important language is. However, make sure to make it fun and interesting. This is the best way for kids to learn.

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