Snapshots in Song Celebrating the Magic and Mystery of Motherhood …


“Somewhere between the serene estro-pop of Sarah McLachlan, the angsty girl-woman guitar-rock of Michelle Branch, and the hushed playfulness of the country diva of your choice (Shania, Faith, et al), Cheri Magill radiates the kind of natural warmth and personal connectivity some of the above have paid handlers millions for.”

Bill Frost, Salt Lake City Weekly

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How Distracted Are You?

Have you ever tried speaking to someone who seemed too busy to really listen?  Someone who doesn’t’ seem to really care? Maybe you encountered people who as soon as you mention you had a difficult day interrupts you and tells you how their day has been worse? They may have been looking at the phone, distracted by their surroundings or lost in their own thoughts and only mustered up a darting glance and a passing comment. A darting glance that was just enough to keep you talking and continuing to make your point. Maybe they said the “uh-huh’s,”  “really,” and ” I can’t believe that” at just the right time during the conversation but in actuality their attention was anywhere, but paying attention to what you were really saying.

lisa cbc 2

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What Do Children Get When They Give During the Holidays?

Does the holiday season sound something like this? I want, I want and I want more? Are there unopened toys or an abundance of stuff and a drought of value? We love our children and they love us so, how do we teach them the benefits of giving back to others? How do we encourage them to give to others so they can be the receiver of having a sense of empowerment, feeling valued and appreciated?


Here Are a Few Easy Suggestions:

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New Dog For Christmas?

An article written by : Michael Schaier of Michael’s Pack

There is, that adorable face wrapped up with a big red bow. This is the gift that probably made someone the best parent in the world, or maybe this was the promise of commitment from the most loving caring significant other. Or perhaps it was the gift of joy and companionship to an elderly or lonely relative. That’s wonderful, who wouldn’t be thrilled? The questions now that the tree is down and everyone is back to their regularly scheduled lives, what do we do with this puppy?

puppy chritmas

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Connection over Correction

How many times do you find yourself yelling something at your kids?

Get your feet down!  Stop hitting your sister!  Sit still!

Do those phrases come from your mouth non-stop all day long?

If so, it’s time to learn how to change the conversation.

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What’s the saying? There are two sides to every coin?  Good and bad, yin and yang, and with every pro there is a con.  We were recently criticized for the name of our company (Momee Friends, Inc.)  and being that it is Father’s Day, I thought it would be appropriate to address the naysayer who feels as though our name leaves out other caregivers like Dads and grandparents, or other legal guardians.  On the contrary, Momee Friends salutes and celebrates all caregivers, especially on a day like Father’s Day!

 fathers day

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What a beautiful day it is to pay tribute to all mothers, to thank them for all the little things they do and all the sacrifices they make for those they love and care. Not only have I been blessed with a Mom who still guides and supports me and my 5 siblings, in all our ups and downs, but I’ve been lucky to have so many mother figures in my life – strong women who have taken me under their wings in one way or another.  Today, I celebrate them and revel in their triumphs, find comfort in their strength, and inspiration from their personal stories. 


Momee Friends is launching a very special campaign to honor all caregivers, especially those who advocate for children.  Each month, we will share stories about some very special people we call WARRIOR MOMEES. 

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