The Teensy Weensy Virus Book and Song for Preschoolers by Sherri Rose

 This well-written book made specifically for young children will help caregivers show little ones how to stay safe from COVID-19. The book discusses the importance of safety measures such as wearing masks, washing hands, and social distancing. The book opens up a conversation with your children about understanding the pandemic and giving them the opportunity to ask questions and share their feelings about how they feel.

The Teensy Weensy Virus pairs simple, kid-friendly explanations with bright, colorful illustrations, while offering additional resources for adults and an informative song (sung to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider) to help lighten the mood as families engage with this serious topic.

Watch the video below to hear the Teensy Weensy Virus Song:

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About the author:

Sherri Rose grew up in Richmond, Virginia. As a retired pediatric and family nurse practitioner,as well and a hospice and palliative care nurse, she recognizes the critical importance of helping children understand what is happening during this pandemic that is currently sweeping our globe. COVID-19 has created so much stress, anxiety, grief, and loss for adults—imagine what children must think but be unable to express! Inspired by her concerns for the smallest among us—as well as by her own significant grief overnot being able to hug her children and grandchildren during quarantine—Sherri began to write this book to help preschoolers understand what is going on and why all of us must follow new rules. As a mother of three daughters and three stepdaughters, as well as a grandmother to many, she hopes that the resources found in this book will be useful to all the readers all over the world. Sherri is having six translations created to spread the importance of basic safety guidelines with this very smart virus. She wrote the lyrics to the little song at the end of the book to have something light and happy after reading about a serious topic.


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