Author Spotlight- Michael Schaier

 Michael Schaier is not only a local Long Island author but he is also the owner and head certified professional dog trainer of Michael’s Pack. “To all who are genuine dog lovers, the animals are far more than cute and cuddly creatures: they are our children. And deserve that designation as much as any other children we may be blessed with.” Dogs are Children Too! and that is the training method Michael uses each day.

michael book michaelspack1

Michael has recently released his latest book, What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy. Michael wrote this book because as a professional dog trainer many of his clients would bring home a puppy and he found that a lot of their questions were the same. He then took all of those questions and put them into a resourceful and easy to read book that any new dog owner will be happy they purchased.

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Bringing Home A New Puppy

Before you can bring home that little (or perhaps not so little) bundle of fur, you need to make sure your house is puppy proofed, that you understand what your puppy has and is going through and that you have a clear picture of what to expect from your new best friend.


Just like human parents must baby proof the house, you should puppy proof your house! The purpose of puppy proofing is to make sure you remove anything that could be harmful to your new pet such as cleaning products, electric cords or breakable glass. It’s also a great way to make sure that possible items that may make appealing teething rings and chew toys are put away out of puppy’s reach. If there are children in the home, removing favorite stuffed animals and their toys might be a very good idea as puppy may not be able to distinguish between his play items and theirs.

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