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 Michael Schaier is not only a local Long Island author but he is also the owner and head certified professional dog trainer of Michael’s Pack. “To all who are genuine dog lovers, the animals are far more than cute and cuddly creatures: they are our children. And deserve that designation as much as any other children we may be blessed with.” Dogs are Children Too! and that is the training method Michael uses each day.

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Michael has recently released his latest book, What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy. Michael wrote this book because as a professional dog trainer many of his clients would bring home a puppy and he found that a lot of their questions were the same. He then took all of those questions and put them into a resourceful and easy to read book that any new dog owner will be happy they purchased.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Michael and getting to know him and his background.

Michael Schaier lives in Mineola with his wife Jessica. They have 4 children Joshua, Dylan, Travis and Marty. They have two fur babies (though they are not babies in age anymore) but, are definitely treated like so. Rosalita, (Rosie for short) is a 12-year old English Bulldog and Clarence,  is a 10 1/2-year old Great Dane. Michael says, “Rosalita is the daughter my wife never had and is one spoiled girl. Clarence is so well-behaved and the perfect family dog.”


Michael always had a dog growing up. He was a shy child growing up and loved the comfort of a dog. Before becoming a certified dog trainer Michael was a real estate agent. He loved his job, but his encouraging and amazing wife Jessica wanted him to follow his passion of training dogs. So, about 10 years ago Michael began working at Petco as a dog trainer and it made him very happy working with the dogs and their owners. Within 2 years he formed his own successful business known as Michael’s Pack where he has  learning how humans and canines can live harmoniously through better communication.


Momee Friends Book Review:

What Can You Expect When You Are Expecting A Puppy is a delightful and easy read. And it is one that the whole family will enjoy reading together. When I first started reading the book my 4-year-old daughter was very interested in the book because of the adorable Great Dane puppy on the front cover. She has been asking for a puppy for a while now but with her 1-year-old sister just starting to explore the house and running around I want to wait a while before we get a fur baby of our own.

 I read the words on the pages and explained to my daughter as I was reading that when we get puppy it is similar to having a baby. We have to teach the puppy how to behave because they are high-energy babies. When speaking with Michael he did tell me how much a puppy and a baby mimic one another. You have to prepare for a puppy in similar ways as you do a child; such as puppy-proofing your house. With our kids we used the book What to Expect the First Year  A LOT! And I can see referring to this book a lot if not as much as I did the book about my own human children during the first year but this reference book will be for our puppy.

The puppy pictures throughout the book my daughters loved and these puppies are beyond cute. 

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Topics addressed are :

Getting a puppy- this is a commitment for a couple of decades of your life as their parent.

What type of dog would be best for you?

There are lots of great tips and tricks for raising a dog

Spaying/ Neutering your puppy

Adolescence Years (puppy puberty and fear periods)

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing this book as an extremely useful guide to PUPPY-hood! A perfect, “What do I do now?” guide by an expert in the field.

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Michael is also the author of Wag That Tail: A Trainer’s Guide to a Happy Dog

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