Join the Green Car Movement

Guest Post from Free Lance Writer : Amy Patterson

It’s not news to anyone by now that our planet could use a helping hand. For nearly 50 years, there has been a huge movement of people trying to live “green” and more sustainably and despite all the changes and hard work, all of us could try a little harder to be eco-friendlier. Whether you ditch your bottled water habit, cut down on your food waste, or opt to live a less “disposable” lifestyle, there are many changes that can be made without too much money or effort. Another great way to make a positive impact on our struggling environment is by getting on board with green car technology, particularly if you don’t use alternative transportation or you spend a great deal of time in your vehicle.



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Picky Eater Food Chart

Let’s face it, all kids have those stages of PICKY EATING!

Eating with kids can be a difficult process. Whether it is the look of the food, smell or if they even get to the point of biting it and then saying, “EWW!” it can be frustrating. 

food chart3

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Hope Paige- Stylish Medical ID Bracelets

A Fashionable/ Fun way to wear a medical bracelet. Available for Kids, Women and Men


I recently saw an article in Parents Magazine regarding these ID Tag Bracelets that your kids will not mind wearing. It is important that people caring for your child know about any health issues/ allergies your child has with these bracelets it will not be embarrassing but a helpful tool in case of an emergency.

Examples of Bracelets for kids are:

asthma dairy peanut

These fun bracelets are adjustable and grow with your child. These bracelets are “made to fit most kids from the age of 2 years old and up. It is not only fashionable and cool but also serves as an important reminder of your child’s allergy.”

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Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers & Preschoole​rs by Bridget A. Barnes and Steven M. York

mommyblog2 001 mommyblog2 002

Some days are great and some days you want to pull your hair out and crawl under a pillow and cry it out: This is parenting! but you will make it through… ( We will make it through )

Wish there was a step by step guide or map to the perfect world of parenting? Well there is no perfect rules or guide for being a parent but this is a great reference.

Common Sense Parenting of Toddlers and Preschoole​rs by Bridget A. Barnes and Steven M. York

A great book for any parent; from start to finish you can relate to the situations in this book.

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Super Mom Workout App

I am hooked and feel so good doing these workouts that incorporate my everyday routine.

We are all super moms aren’t we?

Now lets get to exercising while we do our daily busy Momee routines too : )


So worth the 99 cents for the app

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