The Stubborn Potty Struggle

The encouragement of a sibling can be the most powerful thing!
My youngest daughter has been very stubborn about going poop on the potty. She has been having potty success with a lot of positive encouragement from her family and especially her older sister.

Anyone else going through the potty struggle? 💩💩💩

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Pictures of Good Behavior

How do we encourage good behavior? What are the best techniques? How do you reward your little ones?

I feel the best way to continue good behavior and habits is to put them on display for our little ones.

Not only do we encourage good behavior and reward Mia with compliments and love but with stickers and her favorite treats as well.

I love to photograph Mia so I took pictures of her doing good behaviors and I have put them around the house as a reminder and encouragement to continue these behaviors.

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