The Stubborn Potty Struggle

The encouragement of a sibling can be the most powerful thing!
My youngest daughter has been very stubborn about going poop on the potty. She has been having potty success with a lot of positive encouragement from her family and especially her older sister.

Anyone else going through the potty struggle? 💩💩💩

This is our third run trying to go on the potty and it has not been an easy journey. We have done it all as far as positive encouragement goes. We have been reading potty books (that we know by heart), we have done potty charts ( I have even made poop emoji’s to place on the chart),

I bought reward toys and have even given her favorite candy as an incentive for going on the potty.

But, do you know what has WORKED? What has been a no cost, and the most simplistic idea? The key to my youngest daughter’s potty success was driven by her older sister.  My oldest daughter, Mia is so sweet and is always encouraging others and is her sister’s biggest supporter. Today, my youngest went poop on the potty and her sister made a HUGE deal and even wrote her a card. 


As you can see her sister, Olivia was so happy.

The love these two sisters have for one another is amazing and I know they both just made each other so incredibly happy, today! I know that Olivia has been ready to go on the potty, it was her being stubborn that has stood in the way.

 Olivia has been going potty like a BIG GIRL and washing her hands after (one of her favorite things to do!)

My husband and I are extremely proud parents! Proud of Olivia for being such a big girl and going on the potty and we are so incredibly proud of Mia for being such an awesome sister and being so supportive of her sister!



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