Valentine’s Day 2018- It is the thought that counts…

As my girls get older and I realize that time really does fly when you are a parent, I never believed it until I have seen for myself how quickly our kids grow and you want to hold onto every moment just a little bit longer.

My husband and I are so blessed to have two beautiful girls who truly love each other so much. They show each other how much they truly love one another by doing the little things like; making cards for one another, getting a band-aid when their sister has a boo-boo, or getting a snack for their sister when they get one for themselves. They might make each other cry at times and argue (what siblings don’t fight?) but, in the end they are each other’s best friends and ours, too.

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Wacky Links™

Wacky Links™ is an amazing toy that allows your child to create whatever comes to mind!

We love that you can build so many things and wear what you create, too! The possibilities are endless, kids and adults will enjoy this toy. Great for kids ages 3 and up (it does contain small parts)

We have created bracelets, chain links, balls and so much more.

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Shark Week and Crafts

Shark Week begins tonight at 8pm on Discovery Channel!

We love the chance to craft and with a theme that is fun as sharks I had to share some great shark ideas I found with all of you.

shark week photo

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Fun Craft- Jericho

 Take your kids to Fun Craft of Jericho for some creative fun!


If your kids love art and love to have fun then Fun Craft is the place to be.

My daughter Mia and I just visited Fun Craft in Jericho and time flew by because we had so much fun. We can not wait to go back!

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Mia’s 2nd Birthday and 4th of July

Happy Birthday America and Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Mia

In my opinion Mia has the best holiday to share her birthday with. We are a very patriotic family so we always celebrate the 4th but now the family gathering with a great BBQ and fireworks has another reason to celebrate and it’s for my little Mia.

Mia wore a patriotic ensemble (swing back set) made by Caly’s Creations. Not only was it lightweight, comfortable, and perfect for a hot summer day; but it was perfectly personalized with an M for Mia and Red, White and Blue for her special day! The front and back view is equally adorable.

mias nd bday 104mias nd bday 097

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