Valentine’s Day 2018- It is the thought that counts…

As my girls get older and I realize that time really does fly when you are a parent, I never believed it until I have seen for myself how quickly our kids grow and you want to hold onto every moment just a little bit longer.

My husband and I are so blessed to have two beautiful girls who truly love each other so much. They show each other how much they truly love one another by doing the little things like; making cards for one another, getting a band-aid when their sister has a boo-boo, or getting a snack for their sister when they get one for themselves. They might make each other cry at times and argue (what siblings don’t fight?) but, in the end they are each other’s best friends and ours, too.

I love how much my girls love Valentine’s Day! They are girly girls who love flowers, cards and of course candy. My husband has the tradition of always getting them flowers and they look forward to it each year. A girl’s daddy is her first love and I have to give it to my husband he is definitely setting the bar high for the girls to find a husband who treats them as good as their daddy treats them and their Mommy.

This Valentine’s Day was extra special because it was the first time that my daughter and husband attended a Daddy/ Daughter dance at her school. They were both equally excited for their “date night” out. She wore a heart dress and my husband put on a nice outfit and his fancy shoes so that he could dance with his little girl. They both came home telling me about their fun night and what a great time they had at the dance together. They even got to dance to Ed Sheeran’s song, “Perfect” at the end of the dance together.


The little things that I love doing to make the girls smile is a festive meal whether it is a heart shaped pancake with heart sprinkles, or a festive lunch with a love note to let them know how much I love them or both.


The girls loved spending the day at school exchanging Valentine’s day cards with friends at school and then coming home to reminisce and tell each other about their day. Yesterday, we finished my daughter’s Valentine box for school and enjoyed filling out all the cards for her classmates (We went with an Emoji theme). We had to try out the lollipop, too.


Flix Candy Co has these awesome Valentine kits that we got from Walgreens that the lollipops leave emoji icing tatoos on your tongue. 

Then, we got a new book from our favorite books series featuring Mr. Panda. Now, that my 1st grader is reading she read the story to her little sister who loved every second of her big sister reading to her. The moral of  Thank You, Mr. Panda is a gift may not be perfect but, it is the thought that counts. 


These moments I live for and I always have my camera near by to capture these “little things” that mean so much.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the exchange of homemade cards to one another. I love a hand print card and I will always keep these cards in a binder in my scrapbook area so I can treasure them forever.

The card below from my oldest daughter to my youngest melted my heart. “Sugar is sweet and so are you!”


My girls have learned at an early age that handmade gifts are the best and the most meaningful! We always have to take time to let someone we love know that we love them with all of our hearts.

As our loved filled day has come to an end, we hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, as well. We hope it was filled with lots of love and some thoughtful gifts that came from the heart.


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