Kwik Stix

We love Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip because it is a tempera paint that dries in 90 seconds! Yes, 90 seconds.

How awesome is that? We tested it out and wanted to show you how awesome these really are.

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Splish Splash – 2018

Looking for something fun to add to your summer vacation that is just a car ride away?

Long Island is so lucky to have such an AMAZING water park where there is something for everyone! Whether you like to relax poolside or want a thrill you will be very satisfied after the completion of your visit to Splish Splash Water Park. We highly recommend visiting with your family and friends.

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Q& A: Child Behavior Young Kids with Older Kids

I went to my local library today and I took Mia over to the kid play area. There was a wide variety of ages playing, and Mia was one of the younger kids at 22 months old. There was a group of 3 Momees talking and they had the older children around 6 years old playing in the area as well. These kids were not behaving well at all. They were jumping off of the wooden pretend kitchen and book shelves they were hanging on wall art. You name it they were throwing it (books, toys, etc. ) Now all of these Momees see that their kids are acting bad and are not saying anything. Mia has the Twinkle toe shoes that light up and one little girl kept stomping on her feet to try and get them to light up. I walked over to tell the little girl nicely that the shoes light up on their own and not to do that because you are going to hurt her. I sit back down and the mom is watching her daughter too and the little girl stomps on Mia’s foot as hard as possible. I look at the mom and she looks away. I said to the mom, your daughter keeps on stomping on my daughters foot. She calls her 6 year old daughter over and says to her, ” did you step on that little girls foot?” the 6 year old replies, “no!” the mom looks at me and says she said she did not stomp on your daughters foot, and tells her to go play. I was shocked I know she saw it and she is not  correcting her child’s bad behavior. Not even 2 minutes later she pushed a little boy over who was younger than Mia and it wasn’t till that little boy was crying did she yell at her child. After 20 minutes of playing I took Mia to the quiet book area to play. I did not feel the moms were doing a good job of handling their kids. I did not want to get into any arguments and removed Mia and I from the situation.

What would you of done in this situation? Did I handle it correctly?