Splish Splash – 2018

Looking for something fun to add to your summer vacation that is just a car ride away?

Long Island is so lucky to have such an AMAZING water park where there is something for everyone! Whether you like to relax poolside or want a thrill you will be very satisfied after the completion of your visit to Splish Splash Water Park. We highly recommend visiting with your family and friends.

All of their rides and attractions have minimum or maximum heights.  We planned ahead with the height requirements where we wanted to go. Here is the link to the attractions page which will give you all the information on each ride, https://www.splishsplash.com/things-to-do/attractions.


Dinosaur Falls is one of their classic tubes slides that is always a hit. It was our first tube ride as a family and we LOVED it! We grabbed two of the two rider tubes and it was a great start to the day.



Mammoth River

We also loved the Mammoth River which is a great family raft ride.


We also enjoyed Hollywood Stunt Rider which is another family raft ride.



Our girls LOVED and would of spent the entire day in the kiddie pool areas. My husband and I enjoyed them, too. A great place for families to hang out with their young ones.

We loved that there was one way in and one way out of these areas and that there was a few lifeguards in each area, as well. VERY SAFE! There is a good amount of lounge chairs and chairs in the kiddie pool areas, too. It makes for a relaxing and comfortable day while your kids have A LOT of fun!



Children will love splashing their way through the four kiddie areas: Elephant Slide, Octopus Pool, Monsoon Lagoon, Yellow Submarine and Pirates Cove.



Battle of Mutiny Bay


We loved being inside the boat with a water cannon to shoot at others inside boats and outside of the ride area. The smiles did not leave our faces as we went on this pirate voyage.



2 new rides…

New for the 2018 season! See what all the hype is about and take a ride on Riptide Racer or Bombs Away!

Riptide Racer – The Ultimate Water Racing Slide
Four guests line across the top of the slide, preparing to race for the title of “Ultimate Riptide Racer” then head first on mats, guests are drenched as they charge down the enclosed flumes in a wetter-then-wet mad chase for the finish line! This super slick, mat slide is aerodynamically-designed to achieve maximum speeds.

Bombs Away – Aqua-Launch Dueling Slides
Bombs Away will feature two dueling 300-foot slides perched on a tower over 50 feet in the air. This slide combines the anticipation of the AquaLaunch capsule with the visual impact of looping translucent fiberglass. Guests will stand in the launch capsule, waiting for the floor to drop. As the heart pounding countdown ends, the floor underneath opens and guests will rush through the intense tidal flow of the flat line loop. The riptide will send guests free falling at 26 feet per second before safely making a final splash below.



Your day will be filled with fun and don’t forget to relax in the Lazy River during your visit, too!



There are plenty of food options available at Splish Splash suitable for every appetite and diet. The Boardwalk is one of the best places to go in-park for a variety of restaurants. At The Boardwalk, you can find delicious dishes from Tony’s Italian Feast, Fry World, Kowabunga Kitchen, and Chicken Coop. There are also several food kiosks and stands conveniently located around the park.

With thousands of parents and children who visit Splish Splash each summer, we are committed to providing dining options that include wholesome alternatives. Throughout the park, you can find our organic certified food line, Organic Selects, for healthier meal options.

No outside food allowed in the park!



Parrots of the Caribbean!

June 16th to Sept 3th – World renowned Texas parrot trainer Weldon Middlebrooks returns to Splish Splash again with his talented parrots for his 27th summer season! The AMAZING parrots perform and show off in ways that have NEVER been seen anywhere else on earth but here!





Locker Rentals

All-day lockers are available on a first-come first-serve basis. There are two locker pavilions located in the main plaza, as well as lockers conveniently located at the Doo Drop Inn Lockers and Changing Rooms.

These keyless lockers come in three sizes:

Regular: $14.00
Large: $18.00
Family Size: $24.00

Instead of a key, you will enter a code, which will open your locker throughout the day.


H2Go Pass and Information

The Splish Splash virtual ride reservation system holds your place in line, so you can spend more time having fun and less time waiting for our most popular attractions.

A limited number of H2Go passes are available for purchase each operating day.

read more: https://www.splishsplash.com/plan-a-visit/lockersandrentals


Life Jacket

Life Jackets are available throughout the park at no charge. (subject to availability)

Please note, guests under 48” are REQUIRED to wear a lifejacket and be accompanied by an adult in the wave pool. You may bring your own, Coast Guard approved lifejackets. Other personal flotation devices may not be permitted inside the park or pools.



They do charge for parking. See picture below for parking fee details. $15.00/ car






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Your WHOLE family will love Splish Splash. We hope you make it to the park this 2018 season. You will love the summer memories created here. My girls are all set to go back.


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