Momee poll: finding out the gender of your new baby

Momee poll:


When you got your sonogram and the tech asked you if you wanted to know the sex of your baby… Did you?

a. Definitely want to know

b. Say no thank you! Its going to be a surprise and kept it a surprise

c. said no thank you at first and then after a while gave in to the suspense

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5 thoughts on “Momee poll: finding out the gender of your new baby

  1. I could not wait.. I had to know! The sono tech said a girl and she was right : ) I still did Mias’ room neutral colors but we knew we had a precious baby girl on her way.

  2. We waited with Addison. It was amazing but part of me wants to find out next time but husband still wants to do a surprise so time will tell when we get there : )

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