Beach Must-Haves for Families

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Bringing your family to the beach for the day has to be planned out. Kids need a lot of stuff and there are some great products out there that can make the beach day so much easier. A local Momee friend asked me to come up with this list and I thought it was a great idea for a post.

Momee Friend Nicole, “Now that summer is coming here (and I have 3 kids) I’ve been searching the internet for a “list” of all the cool, must have accessories For example, I have a pop up tent for the kids that I LOVE! I’ve also seen this collapsable wagon that is so sturdy kids can sit in! I was just wondering if you did a blog like this or would mind accepting the challenge of such a difficult task! LOL! With 3 kids, the beach can take as much planning as a mini vacation!”

Here is a list I came up with:

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“CHAD” stickers for children’s car seats

This was a great blog post I read and I wanted to share this information with all of my fellow Momee Friends. A simple thing most parents probably don’t think to do – See more at: Rockford Parent


Below is an image of a “CHAD: sticker or better known as “Children have an Identity”

I got the image from The Travelers Protective Association of America

“ADVICE: Place a sticker on each child’s car seat providing information that can help rescuers. Include: child’s name & DOB, parent’s names, DOB & phone, emergency contact info, child’s doctor, any medical issues and any medications.”

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Momee Couponing

Momees we all love to save on the products we use all the time, right? I know I do not go to any store without my coupons.
I love to save cash and there is no better feeling then seeing the original price go down with some super saver Momee shopping!

Here are some links to some great money saving sites that also have Facebook pages:

First I have to say one Momee doing her thing is the Long Island Coupon Queen. She “shows you how much fun couponing can be and how much you can save with a little time and effort when shopping.”

Follow her on Facebook as well: Long Island CouponQueen



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Momee Poll: Sunscreen

I received an email from a local Momee asking what sunscreen is best for her 8 month old son. (She has been using a 110 SPF Spray on sunscreen)

So my Momee Poll is:  “What sunscreen is best for young children?”

ncarolina 056 ncarolina 309

Whether it is a bright sunny day or a cloudy day on the beach… always apply sunscreen to yourself and your children!

I turned to Baby for advice on this mater where Pediatric Dermatologist Patricia Treadwell answered the question: What kind of sunscreen is best for children?

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Courageous Mother, Wife and Survivor of Mesothelioma

Heather Von St. James is 44 and a mother to a quirky 7 year old, Lily. Liiy is her only child, and was just 3.5 months old when their lives were turned upside down. She was diagnosed with mesothelioma; a type of cancer that sadly kills 90 – 95% of people who have it.

Heather and Lily

After an intense treatment and recovery journey, Heather is cancer free 7 years later! Her experience was a difficult one to say the least – but she wants to turn her pain in to purpose and become someone that other people can look to for guidance, inspiration, and hope in situations like her own. Her story is inspiring and one I could not imagine going through.

 Heather and Family Goofy

Heather is a guest blogger on Momee Friends and here is her story:

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Healthy Eating for Preschoolers

How much of each food group is required for my toddler?

A general guide of how much food from each food group our kids need from ages 2 to 5 years old

IMG_6149 IMG_6153

Choose My is a great resource provided by the United States Department of Agriculture

These days we are all strapped for cash, and grocery shopping can be expensive. Use these tips and materials to help you make choices that are not only healthy but also economical. Click here —-> for Eating Healthy on a Budget

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What is included in your bedtime routine with your toddler?

A local Momee wrote me an email asking me about my routine with Mia at bedtime

In the book HELP! My toddler came without instructions by Blythe Lipman there is a chapter called Mr. Sandman, Bring Me Some Dreams

Toddlers and Bedtime

She says to keep it routine… consistency is key. If bedtime is 7pm then always put your toddler in bed at 7pm

For us Mia is in bed by 8:30 each night

* look for cues of sleepiness which can be hair twirling, rubbing eyes, laying down with their favorite stuffed animal to pick the perfect time for sleep*

Also do not feel guilty if you are working late and can not see your toddler before the go to bed. Keep the routine Blythe suggests.

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