Pouch Foods… Yay or Nay

The craze right now is pouch foods… wherever you go there are pouch foods. From full meals to applesauce, yogurt or pudding.

There are plenty or pros and cons

For me I love the convenience and I love that they are mess free.

I received an email from a concerned local Momee who heard that if she gave these pouch foods to her child who will be eventually going into solid foods, they will become a lazy eater. An they will depend on these since the convenience is there and why chew food. This is perfect for a lazy eater.

How do you feel Yeah or Nay on Pouch Foods?


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My name is Anne and I am a local mommy blogger ... Momee Friends is all about Long Island and all things local with the focus on family

One thought on “Pouch Foods… Yay or Nay

  1. Momee Friend Melissa on my facebook group responded by saying:
    I think pouch foods are great especially when the child can hold the pouch and feed his/her self and their great when your on the go so I say yay


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