5 thoughts on “Momee Poll: Date Nights/ “Us Time”

  1. We rarely do 😦 Being so far away from family, and his being practically non-existent, we don’t have a source of babysitters to tap into. I’m leery of hiring a stranger to babysit, and besides, being on a tight budget, and the prices babysitters charge today, we couldn’t afford to pay one AND go out for a nice time. We’re very limited, so we make the best of it by spending time together here at home, while she is in bed. We watch movies, bbq and have cocktails on the deck (when it’s nice out), and just talk. It has worked out fine for us so far.


    • You definitely are making the most of it. It sounds like you guys have a great time after Elisabeth goes to sleep. As for babysitters I agree with you. It can be tough but at least your making the most of it


  2. We used to go out when Logan was little, but now he can’t leave my sight (unless he is at school), so we don’t spend too much time together. Granted he works 12hrs a day, so most of time is spent on the couch watching our favorite shows together. If we do go to dinner here or there, Logan is always with us, but we make it work 😉


  3. My husband and I now get out more that the kids are 3 and 5. They like to stay with grandma and grandpa and we love that for spontaneous date nights


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