Bead Jewelry with your Toddler

 Using beads to make jewelry is not only fun but helps teach color recognition, language and fine motor skills.

mia jewelry

I have been wanting to introduce colors and words to Mia more, but in fun ways. So I decided to make a beaded necklace with her with the largest beads I could find.

mia jewlry 001

I looped the yarn at the end by making a knot several times and a bow since the beads hole are so big.

mia jewlry 002

We played with the beads for a while looking at the pretty colors. Mia loved rolling the beads all around the dish.

Please get the largest beads you can find and stay real close to your toddler they are really fast and may want to stick the beads in their mouth. Small enough beads are a choking hazard.

mia jewlry 009

mia jewlry 010

We picked our favorite beads and put them along our yarn to make a necklace

mia jewlry 004

mia jewlry 007

Putting the beads on the yarn helps our little ones with their fine motor skills.

Tie the two ends together once you have put all of your beads on and your little one has a bead necklace she will love to wear.

As you can see Mia loves her necklace : )

mia jewlry 012mia jewlry 014

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  1. Like the idea because they learn to count and learn their colors at the same time plus it gives you quality time with your child.

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