Bag Kite

Want a fun way to reuse your paper bags?

Make a kite and go fly it with your family…

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 I saw this Step by Step instruction on how to make a bag Kite on Day by Day and I gave it a shot

All you need is:

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Paper Bag, Hole Puncher, Reinforcements, Rope ( I used twine) , scissors, ribbon, markers, and crayons

I first cut the top part of the bag off with the handles

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I then punched 4 holes on the bottom but with the scissors ( I did not have a single hole punch or reinforcements)

I then tied the rope the way they explained on the Day by Day website

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Next I made it as pretty as I could with markers, crayons and ribbons

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Then we headed outside! Mia loved the kite and trying to make it fly!

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My husband Mike and I kept trying but there was not a lot of wind today… so this is how high we got our kite to go!

Maybe you will be more successful : )

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  1. It’s a great idea when you have a bunch of kids over plus it’s not expensive and will keep them busy

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