News 12- Indoor Fun

Turning things around the house into indoor fun.

Anne and Elizabeth show you how fun a rainy day can be.

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Cereal Box Puzzle

We finished our box of cereal and I went to throw out the box and remembered I have been wanting to reuse the Cheerio Box for something. Then the idea came to me, A PUZZLE!

Cereal Puzzle

My daughter loves puzzles and I thought it would be fun to have her put together a familiar box instead of putting it into the recycle bin. Then when she gets board of it we can put it into the recycle bin again but at least we got a multi-purpose use out of it for a little while.

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Toddler Busy Board

This is a great way to keep those busy little toddlers, well busy! Let’s face it we spend so much money on toys for these little ones and they would rather play with the light switch, or the electrical outlet or even just sit in front of the fridge and put magnets all over it. Here is a board that you can combine all of their favorite “toys” onto one board.

Hence, the Toddler Busy Board!


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Plastic Egg Maracas


An easy to make musical instrument that kids of ALL ages will love to create and play with.  Make this great sensory craft in two easy steps!

egg maracas

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Reuse Soda Bottle for a Planter

Today is the first day of April and Momee Friends of Long Island is GOING GREEN all month long. Here is a cute way to reuse your 2 liter soda bottle to make a planter.

soda bottle planter

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