I realize why Momee said that now… Momee Poll

Until you become a Momee you don’t realize how often your Momee was right growing up or how much of a hard time you put her through.

Have any of you had these moments where you just want to call your Momee and apologize for giving her a hard time?

I love Mia with all my heart and will do anything to protect her. I realize that my Momee was not trying to give me a hard time back then but she loved and cared for me so much she wanted me to be safe.

Reply with a story or tell me if you have realized this too.

By the way Momee: If you are reading this! I admit it I was wrong growing up (especially when I was a teenager and I am sorry for giving you such a hard time) I love you.

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8 thoughts on “I realize why Momee said that now… Momee Poll

  1. I said this to my husband not too long ago…. you don’t realize it till you have your own kids. I remember doing my own thing and not caring to tell my parents when I was growing up and I was always grounded for breaking curfew. I realize now why they waited up for me… they cared! I am calling my mom now and apologizing lol

  2. Thanks Anne for apologizing for all the times i waited up for you when you were no where to be found, now you know that it was all because I loved you Love Mom

  3. I think this all the time, but then my mom turns around and says she had it pretty easy with me lol! Logan is the complete opposite of both myself and his daddy as a child πŸ™

  4. “Because I said so and I’m the mom” is used more frequently than I’d like to admit πŸ™‚

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