How do you say goodbye to the pacifier?

When I first saw Mia in the hospital she had her Soothie ( pacifier ). It was almost as big as her little head.

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She liked it and then she did not care for it too much around 6 months. Now she is wanting it all the time and I know she is teething but she keeps biting through the pacifier and I am going through so many of them. She will be two tomorrow, I think its time to say goodbye to the pacifier.

Do I make her quit it cold turkey? How do I get rid of the pacifier? I know she looks for it to go to sleep and to soothe her hence the name Soothie.

Help me out fellow Mommes… she is so dependent on her Soothie and Pluto ( but I won’t make her get rid of Pluto ) : )

Thanks in advance for your advice

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4 thoughts on “How do you say goodbye to the pacifier?

  1. Anne we just went threw this is Mckenzie, I started around 20 months I told her that she’s getting to big for her binky and that she could only use it to sleep with at night so the 1st couple of days she cried here n there for it but nothing major. However as soon as we started our bedtime routine she would run to her room and grab her lovey and her binky. Around 25 months we started talking to her about the “binky fairy” and that when you get to big for a binky you send urs to the fairy so she can give it to babies who don’t have binkies. She seemed to understand the concept but wasn’t totally ready to give hers. So then at 30 months I knew it was time so the “binky fairy” sent kenzie a letter asking if she was ready to send her the binky and that morning when she got the letter we put her Binky into a envelope and I had her put it in the mail. The next day the Fairy sent a letter telling kenzie that she got the binky and that she’s so proud of Mckenzie for being such a big girl and helping out other babies and then a week later the fairy sent Mckenzie a present for doing such a great job!! It was actually much easier then I thought it was going to be. She has not asked for it not even one time!! They can surprise us sometimes with how good they can adopt to change.. πŸ™‚ Good Luck

  2. I have heard of people going to ‘Build a Bear’ and letting the child put their beloved soother inside. They get a sweet bear to cuddle instead too πŸ™‚

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