Halloween 2013

Mia had a great time this Halloween.

We not only decorated pumpkins and made some great treats but we had fun with a lot of our Momee Friends and collecting treats in our pumpkin.

Mia started her Halloween off at school with her classmates. They had a Halloween party and were able to dress in their costumes.

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We then headed over to the Smith Haven Mall in Lake grove for their Safe Halloween Trick or Treat.

This was Mia’s first time trick or treating and she loved every second of collecting treats in her pumpkin.

Mia and her best friend Krysta had conquered every store in the mall and they definitely enjoyed sitting back and enjoying their treats in the comfort of a double stroller.

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We went around our neighborhood and Mia was getting tired but never let go of her Pumpkin full of treats.

I think next year she will understand Halloween a little bit better and she will be a pro.

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