Goal: Learn to tie shoes and SHE DID IT!

My daughter had a goal and NEVER gave up and she accomplished her goal.

Being a parent is awesome for so many reasons but, it is kind of cool if you think about it that we get to see what it is like to be a child again through our kids. As time goes on we forget things and having kids is a reminder of the things that were HUGE to you back then and that we take for granted now. For instance, tying our shoes.

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The Stubborn Potty Struggle

The encouragement of a sibling can be the most powerful thing!
My youngest daughter has been very stubborn about going poop on the potty. She has been having potty success with a lot of positive encouragement from her family and especially her older sister.

Anyone else going through the potty struggle? 💩💩💩

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Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving is a day to enjoy all the blessings in our lives! I have to say we are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends in our lives and we always look forward to reflecting back on the year and giving thanks!

Our day was filled with love and traditions!

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Best Blog on Long Island Nominee- 2018

We are so excited to be nominated for Best Blog on Long Island ( this is our third year being nominated) and we THANK YOU for making this nomination possible. We greatly appreciate your support!

We are nominated for Best Blog of Long Island under the Arts & Entertainment category.

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Daddy’s Little Valentines

My husband is not only an amazing husband but he is an incredible daddy.

  The gifts he gives are always thought out and sentimental and I love that about him.  This Valentine’s Day he has three girls calling him their Valentine and the love he has for us shows all year long but this tradition he has started melts my heart.


My husband started this adorable tradition where for every year that the girls are old he gives them that many roses.

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Our Long Island Summer Bucket List

This summer we have a 3 year old who looks at everything in amazement and loves being outdoors. And a newborn who is seeing everything for the first time. Mike and I want to enjoy Long Island and all it has to offer our family this summer.


I made the above picture for you to print and write out your family bucket list in the bucket this summer!

Have your kids color it too.

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Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure

Mia saw her first Live Show yesterday at the Nassau Coliseum. The Disney Junior Live Show was great and I would definitely go and see it again.


We saw the 4 o’clock show and had floor seats. The floor seats were fantastic. It was very interactive and the kids had some room to move around and dance along with the music.

Being on the floor kids were able to have bubbles come down on them, confetti and there was even a chance to get silly string on you from Captain hook.

Mickey and Minnie were the hosts of the show and introduced the princesses and the pirates.

* I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures, there was so much movement I was unable to get a clear picture. *


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