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The Doc is in…

Last Tuesday (January 28th, 2014) we went to a Doc McStuffins Party and Mia had an amazing time with her best friend Krysta!


image taken from Bubble Boutique Facebook page 

We were waiting in the Bubble Boutique to go into the Clinic and the girls were so excited to meet Doc.

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When we arrived in the clinic Mia and Krysta along with the other kids were encouraged to put their medical jackets & name tags on and check into the “Doc McStuffins Medical Clinic”.

They even made adorable Doc bags.


The kids received a stuffed mouse that lost its stuffing and had to make the mouse better by replacing his stuffing.

Mia loved this and could not wait to help the mouse.

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They received a clipboard with a doc checkup checklist and had to go around the room and give a complete exam in the clinic.

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They played an adorable game of pin the bandage on Lambie.


The kids after working so hard in the clinic ate a pizza lunch served with juice along with a yummy cupcake and then got their pictures taken with Doc.

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Overall this event was fantastic, Mia and Krysta had a great day at the Doc McStuffins Clinic at the Bubble Boutique in Babylon.

There were so many cute ideas I got for our own Doc party in the future. This was a simply adorable event.

This was a special event check their website —-> Bubble Boutique and Learning Center

or call them 631-587-0050 for more information

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