Little Drummer Boy Craft

Have your child be the face of the Little Drummer Boy with this adorable Christmas craft.


I was trying to find a cute Christmas Craft idea using an empty nut container. As we listened to Christmas Music and The Little Drummer Boy began to play, I though a Little Drummer Boy would be perfect. I have not seen a Little Drummer Boy Craft before so I decided to make this one.

For this craft you will need:

1 picture of your child

An empty nut container

1 cardboard tube (toilet paper)

Red, and Green Construction Paper

Red and Green Acrylic Paint

Green Marker

1 large green pom pom

2 small red pom poms

1 red craft stick

2 green craft sticks

2 small green buttons

Hot Glue Gun


First, cut out your pieces that you will need to make this craft.

You will need to cut your picture to where you only have your child’s face.

Using red construction paper cut out a square (for body), and half a circle (for hat)

Cut your red craft stick in half and keep the green ones whole.

They are not shown but you need to cut out 2 mittens out of green construction paper.


Take the label off your nut container and paint it with acrylic paint.

IMG_3167 IMG_3168


You will need to paint the cardboard tube red.

Attach the red cardboard tube to the nut container using hot glue.

Also attach the photo to the front, as well.


Now, assemble the rest of the decorations gluing them to the cardboard tube, photo and nut container.

Using your green marker draw stripes on the half moon circle. This is going to be the hat you will glue onto the top of your child’s head along with the green pom pom.

Glue two green button onto the red square that you will then glue onto the front of the cardboard tube for the body.

Attach the red craft sticks to the side of the cardboard tube and then glue the mittens to the side of the craft sticks. These are your arms and hands.

Next, glue the green craft sticks to the red one and put red pom poms glued to the top of the nut container. ( these are the drum sticks) and the painted nut container is your drum.



IMG_3579 IMG_3580

From my Momee craft corner to yours… Merry Crafting!

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