Jingle Bells Craft

A Christmas craft your kids will love to play with.


For this craft you will need:

Hot/ Cold Styrofoam Cup

Pipe Cleaner


Paint, Markers, Pom Poms and/or stickers



First, paint your Styrofoam cup any way you like.

Get all of your crafting supplies ready for when the cup dries.

I used a black sharpie marker, pom poms and markers.


Stick the pipe cleaner through the bottom of the cup (which will become the top of the bell). 

And then attach the bell to the pipe cleaner inside the cup (shown)

IMG_2896 IMG_2899

IMG_3587 IMG_2908

Have fun decorating your bells any way you like. I made a Christmas tree on one using a green marker and pom poms.

You can write words of songs and put music notes on the cups using the black sharpie marker.

IMG_2912 IMG_3593

* WARNING- If you have a kitty … the bell is super fun for them and they will want to play with these jingle bells as much as your child will. *

Our cat Norman loved these and the sounds they make.

IMG_2904 IMG_2903

Merry Christmas Crafting from my Momee craft corner to yours…

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