How to Feel Good About Going Back to School!

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Has your child’s attitude changed from adventurous to suddenly avoidant? Child Behavior Consulting offers suggestions for you and your child to amp up that adventurous side to look forward to going back to school! Try to talk with your child about how he/she feels about going back to school. You might be surprised by the response. But what if you have a child who is not expressive and you really don’t know how he/she is feeling? Well, we have suggestions for you too!

Here are 2 check lists. One for the parent and one child. However, you and your child may want to personalize them to make your very own unique check lists.

Click on the images below and print them out!

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1. Check list for the Child:  

Says the following:

Are you Quiet or Shy?

* Place a picture of yourself doing something fun over the summer that you can share with your classmates.

* Wear your book bag and pretend you are going to school.

* Visit your class before the first day of school.

Are you worried you might get in trouble?

 *Pick your favorite or a bright colored string and wear it as a bracelet. Look at it as a reminder to raise your hand or to check if you are following directions. Practice this before school starts.

Need a happy thought?

* Ask your mom/dad to pack your favorite snack or bake one with your mom/dad. When you reach for your snack you can remember the fun you had baking it.

For all kids:

Thinking of things to talk to other kids about can make you feel more comfortable in a new class. Here are a few suggestions:

1- “What was your favorite part of the summer?”

2- “Did you go anywhere over the summer?”

3- “Do you play any sports or play an instrument?”

4- Create your own: ____________________________________________________  

How do you feel about going back to school? ( You can check more than one.)

 Excited   Happy    Worried   Sad   Terrified  _____________

Can you think of something that you can do to make you feel happy about going to school? Write it here or draw a picture below:

2. Check list for the Parent:  

For the busy parent:

 Pack the school supplies ready to go for the first day of school. If a list has not been sent home yet send your child into school with:

 book bag                    lunch box                 pencils                    notebook                         folder

 label each item with your child’s and teacher’s name.                     Tell your child the bus number

For the forgetful parent:

 Hang a monthly wipe off board in a high traffic area for easy reference and updating.

Information to include on the wipe off board:

 Names of teachers

 Start and end times of school

 After school activities

 Meet the teacher date and other important dates

For the worried parent:

Kids! You know your parents the best! Write would make your mom or dad not worry about you while you are in school? _________________________________________

 Talk with your child about your concerns. (You may find they have a lot more insight than you realize. This will make you feel at least a little better!)

 Call the principal 1 week before to express concerns.

 Contact the school nurse  with any necessary documents/medications for your child’s allergies.

Reviewing or creating a check list can be a fun and validating activity to help create that feeling of a fresh, smooth start to a new school year!

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Reviewing or creating a check list can be a fun and validating activity to help create that feeling of a fresh, smooth start to a new school year!

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