How much sugar is in your kid’s lunch box?

It’s that time of year again, back to school lunches. Yay, I can’t wait! OK, maybe that’s a tiny exaggeration. But you should actually get a little excited. Packing lunches means we get back to an eating routine. I know my family has been all over the place with food this summer. A few extra chips here, lots of extra ice cream there, you know how it is when we are all on vacation.


I don’t know about you, but I can absolutely tell the difference in my children’s behavior when they don’t eat well. Especially when they eat too much sugar. So I am ready to start controlling their food a bit more in September.

As parents we are so lucky to be able to determine what goes into our kid’s body. We may not always feel in control, but we are. WE are the ones food shopping. WE are the ones deciding what snacks go into the lunch box, WE are the ones planning out dinner. If WE don’t think it’s a good choice, WE shouldn’t serve it, and THEY shouldn’t eat it.

I know sometimes it could get tricky when we have picky kids that are set in their ways, but now is a great time to make a change. I’s a fresh new year. A clean slate to establish new HW routines, new chores, and of course new eating habits.

The Mindful Eating Change…

I have a proposition for you. What if we changed just one thing about the lunch box?

The sugar.


Many of the “healthy” foods you feed your family on a daily basis are loaded with sugar. It is hidden in places you would never think of. Why you ask? Good question. Sugar is highly addictive. If we eat a product with sugar in it, chances are we will come back for more, which is exactly what the food industry wants you to do. Buy more.

So what can you do to change? Another great question, you’re just full of them today.

Tip #1: Read the back labels where the ingredients and nutritional labels are. Do not get fooled by the front. That is just a commercial convincing you to buy something.

Tip#2: If you see high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in the ingredient list, DO NOT buy it! (Hint hint… check your ketchup.) Don’t freak out, there are many delicious versions of ketchup without HFCS.

Tip #3: Be aware. Check out this link, it will open your eyes to the amount of sugar you are feeding yourself and your kids on a daily basis. I just had to share it with you!

So here is your challenge…

Ready? Ok here goes…

Let’s change 1 thing about the lunch box we pack, the drink.

I want you to find a drink that is as low in sugar and processed products as possible. Water is a great choice, but if you need to pack a juice box use the tips listed above to pick the best one.

Take a look at the following labels from two popular juice boxes found at the local supermarket.

Can you tell the difference?   Which would you choose?

juice box juice box2

It’s obvious that not all juice boxes are created equal, right. Make sure you pick a good one. Still confused? No worries, take advantage of my Personalized supermarket tour and I’ll personally help you pick out great drinks and snacks for your children’s lunch box.

Article by: Lety Algeri

Certified Holistic Health Coach  –  631.806.9259

Mindful Eating

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