Countdown to Christmas- 24 Days of the Jesse Tree Tradition

Around the holidays there are so many great traditions and the Countdown to Christmas- 24 Days of the Jesse Tree Tradition is another great family tradition to add to your list.

countdown to christmas cover jesse tree 11

“Night by night, children learn that Jesus had a family just like they do. This beautifully illustrated book will establish a family holiday tradition in your household and help your family connect the people in the Bible to Jesus. Begin your countdown to Christmas with a small 2′ – 3′ high tree in your home and read one story every night in the days before Christmas. After each story, hang an ornament to remember the biblical figures, starting with Adam and Eve and ending with Jesus. Includes a complete set of full-color ornaments.”

We have a lot of family traditions and I am so happy that this book is here just in time to add another one to our list.  Starting, December 1st when we go to church we hear our priest speak of the Jesse Tree and the biblical figures that lead to the joyous night that Jesus was born. The Jesse Tree symbolizes a family tree (the family of the Son of God). I am so happy to bring the tradition of the Jesse Tree into our home and read a different story written about each biblical figure each night. The ornaments coincide with each story. There is a total of 24 stories and 24 ornaments and we begin reading the stories the night of December 1st.

jesse tree ornaments jesse tree

Each night you sing:

o come o come emmanuel

and on Christmas Eve after you read the story of Jesus you then sing Silent Night:

silent night

I truly love this book and I think this book should be one you buy this holiday season.

Purchase yours —-> click here

Meet the Author- Theresa Seidlitz

countdown to christmas author author jesse tree

What is really remarkable is that the author of this story is only 10 years old. That’s right, a ten year old wanted to share her family tradition with everyone so that they can carry on the same tradition in their homes. I love the kind spirit that is within our children and around the holidays it warms my heart even more.  Thank you to Theresa, for writing this book.

Read more about her –> click here

Momee Friends of Long Island loves to craft so I added one you can do with your little ones if you buy this book:

jesse tree 10

I was inspired to make a sensory-friendly Toddler Jesse Tree that little ones would love after reading through this wonderful family book.

All you need is:

1 piece of Foam Board

Contact Paper

Pine Garland or Green Tinsel (found at your local Dollar Tree)

Green Construction Paper

Brown Construction Paper


Scotch Tape


Cut your contact paper to attach to the foam board. Center it to the board leaving some space around the board. Attach with Scotch Tape (sticky side up).

jesse tree jesse tree 1

Cut strips of Green Construction Paper to make the shape of a Christmas Tree.

jesse tree 2

Cut the pieces of garland (pine or tinsel) and attach it to the center of the tree.

jesse tree 3

Your Contact Paper Jesse Tree is ready to use.

Each night have your child attach the ornament to the contact paper on or around the tree after you read the story of that night.

jesse tree 4 jesse tree 9

jesse tree 7

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy the Jesse Tree Tradition with your family!





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