Festive Thanksgiving Cupcakes

We wish you all a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

If you are in need of another dessert idea for the end of a HUGE meal here are some fun Thanksgiving Cupcakes that we made this morning.

Turkey and Pilgrim Cupcakes

First, make your cupcakes and frost them with a chocolate frosting. Any cupcake recipe you want and any frosting you prefer as long as it is chocolate. You have to have chocolate!

Also, no Oreo will go to waste if you choose to make both of these cupcakes. For the Pilgrim Hat you use the half of the Oreo that doesn’t have the Oreo Cream on it and for the Turkey you use the Oreo Cream side.

First, I will show you how to make the Pilgrim Hat Cupcakes.

pilgrim hat cupcakes

To decorate your Pilgrim Hat Cupcake you will need:

Thanksgiving Sprinkles ( I used orange sugar crystals)

1 plain cookie side of a Oreo Cookie

1 M&M (orange or yellow)

1 Mini Reese’s Cups

1 Wilson White Icing Writer

pilgrim hat ingredients


First, Sprinkle your cupcakes with sprinkles.

And place your Oreo Cookie side on top of the cupcake.

Use your Icing Writer to hold the mini Reese’s in Place. Go around the mini Reese’s with the white icing writer to make the belt buckle of a pilgrim hat. Finish the buckle off with an orange or yellow M&M in the center.

Simple and Easy to make.

pilgrim hat Cupcakes 1

The Turkey Cupcakes are adorable and fun to make.

turkey cupcakes

To decorate your Turkey Cupcake you will need:

The Oreo Cream Side of the Oreo Cookie

1 Candy Corn

1 Red Gummi Worm

Variety of color M&M’s

1 Wilson White Icing Writer

1 Wilson Black Sparkle Gel


First, place your Oreo Cookie on top of the cupcake. (with the cream side facing up)

Use the black sparkle gel writer for the eyes.

Attach the candy corn nose with the White Icing Writer.

Cut a piece of the Red Gummi Worm off for the Turkey Snood and place on the side of the candy corn nose. Using the White Icing Writer attach the Gummi Worm to the top of the Oreo.

Place the M&M’s (for Feathers) on the outside of the Oreo.

turkey cupcakes 2

You will love how the cupcakes turn out and your guests will love how they not only look but how they taste.

thanksgiving cupcakes 1

Enjoy your Thanksgiving from our Momee Kitchen to yours…

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