The Parent Collective- coming to Huntington January & February 2019

The Parent Collective offers a new approach to prenatal and parenting classes which helps couples establish friendships among others living locally to them and due at the same time all while skipping the judgments and agendas of other classes.

We see ourselves as an alternative to other childbirth education classes which lend themselves to a more intensive, one-and-done model and hope that couples taking a TPC series will cultivate a social network through weekly participation, forge a robust prenatal/parental support system and of course, gather playmates for the little ones on the way.

Inspired by a tried and true format which has been THE class in the UK for over 60 years, we provide 3 things you will not get in a hospital class:

– A small, relaxed setting designed to foster openness & connection
– A support network of couples who are all due at the same time and live local to you
– A discussion-led curriculum, which allows for ample Q&A, led by the concerns of participants


Founder, Jessica Hill, a CT mom had her children in the UK and building on her experience there, designed and successfully launched a prenatal class series – The Parent Collective (TPC) in Fairfield County, CT in 2016. Building on that success, she has since expanded the classes into Greenwich, NYC and now with help from local mom, Stacy in Huntington, Long Island.

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Having had her first child back in January 2018, Stacy had difficulty gaining a much-needed support network of mom-friends to help through the first difficult months of motherhood. “I’m new to Long Island and really struggled to find first-time-moms or moms at a similar stage as myself whilst pregnant. It wasn’t until my son was three months old when feeling completely overwhelmed and isolated, that I stumbled across The Parent Collective and reached out to Jess, the founder. We hit it off immediately. I loved what they were all about, prenatal classes which organized the participants by their neighborhood and due date! For me, it’s about making real connections rather than solely using online groups and mom apps. I also feel that it’s something that will help create a safety net for postnatal depression, somewhere I worried I might be headed at one point.” said Stacy, TPC’s Director for Long Island.

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Our Prenatal Class Series is designed for couples to both learn and socialize, over the course of a four week period. Each session is 2 hours with ample time for discussion and relationship building. Our classes are best taken in the third trimester, ideally completing before 36 weeks of pregnancy.
Over the four weeks you will learn:
Session 1: What to expect in labor and delivery
Session 2: Relaxation techniques to help you through the early stages of labor, c-sections, and options for pain management
Session 3: Breastfeeding and bottle feeding
Session 4: Newborn care



Classes are held at an awesome location called The Sandbox Playspace, Gibson Avenue, Huntington – The next session starts January 9th, 2019 (every weds for 4 weeks @6.30 -8.30 pm.) We have room for 10 couples per series – so spaces fill up quickly!

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January Classes —> HERE
February Classes —–> HERE


Don’t just take our word for it!

Watch our feedback video from past Mom & Dad participants of The Parent Collective Series:



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