Radz Holiday Candy Dispensers

Radz World Christmas themed Candy Dispensers are so much fun and each one comes with the super sweet Radz candies inside. Dispenser characters include Snowmen, Reindeer, Elves, and of course Santa Clause, too.

Which dispenser will you choose?

We really love the Foamz and Twistz
There are so many Radz Candy dispensers to collect ( there is over 100 different styles).

We love that these candy dispensers can double as a holiday ornament, holiday décor or they can dress up your backpack for the Christmas season. They look so cute on our Christmas tree. 

IMG_6543 (2)


Radz Holiday Twistz

What we love about the Twistz is that you can easily twist this collection and have fun switching the bottom and tops of the candy dispenser. The girls combined their snowman and reindeer making a snowdeer or perhaps you can call it a reinman? Whatever you call it the girls loved it and thought it was so funny.

radz holiday





Radz Holiday Foamz

They are squeezable and squishable. We love these Foamz Candy Dispensers. 

They come with delicious Radz candies, a mini-poster that you can color, the candy dispenser with a clip. LOVE THESE!

radz holiday 3



Radz Holiday Candy Dispensers

These are fun and silly!

You can switch tops on these, too. Kids will love collecting these adorable dispensers and sharing the yummy candies with their friends. 

radz holiday 2


We love collecting these and we know you will, too!

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